Ranking Every Pedal We Reviewed in 2021

2021 was a year of many firsts for me, none of which were more dramatic however than my headfirst dive into the world of pedal demos and reviews!

Image courtesy of Teemu Suomala

I did not think that pedal reviews would make up the majority of my website’s content this year, yet here we are. In 2021 we have reviewed almost 40 pedals including some major brands I never imagined would want to work with me! We covered everything from clones to original circuits and reissues as well. I have no doubt this will be one of the most diverse, and comprehensive collections of pedal reviews and demos you will read all year!

Part of heavy embrace of the pedal world this year was because of how scarce guitars were. Regardless of price, country of origin, or popularity, there were simply few guitars actually available to demo. I was constantly told that any stock was already sold off and that they were struggling to make more. But pedals, oh they were plentiful, even despite some well documented parts shortages.

I even switched my pedal review/demo format throughout the year to make them quicker reads and easier to digest. Through all this work to source, record, and edit pedal content I was lucky enough to find my new favorite pedal company, Interchange Noise Works, who even helped sponsor my first ever giveaway! Between them, the Shotmaker Instruments Heroine, and a handful of other great builders, my pedal board’s gain stages will never be boring again!

A quick word on the ratings, which have changed for some pedals from their original published score. I re-calculated the score to account for newly released competition, how long something stays on my board, and tried to account for if some pedals faded away quicker than others once the shine wore off. So in some ways, think of less as a rating of the individual pedal and more of a comparison of how they all fit alongside one another.


Best Overall: Shotmaker Instruments Heroine FuzzDriver – read the full review

Best Value: JHS 3 Series Delay – read the full review

Most Creative: Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny – read the full review

Best Budget (Under $50) Option: Donner White Tape Delay – read the full review

My Personal Favorite: Interchange Noise Works Element 119 – read the full review

Most Useful Pedal: Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS-1 – read the full review


PedalPedal TypeFinal Rating
CostGrab Your Own
Walrus Mako Series ACS-1Amp/Cab Sim9.7$400Reverb.com
Shotmaker Instruments HeroineGain9.6$125shotmaker.co
Strymon IridiumAmp/Cab Sim9.5$400Reverb.com
Earthquaker Devices Astral DestinyReverb9.1$199Reverb.com
IK Multimedia X-VIBEModulation9.0$300Reverb.com
Wampler RatsbaneDistortion9.0$150Reverb.com
JHS 3 Series DelayDelay8.9$99Reverb.com
October Audio NVMBR FuzzDistortion/Fuzz8.6$145octoberaudio.com
Interchange Noise Works Element 119Distortion8.6$175inw.com
Chase Bliss Audio MOODDelay8.5$349Reverb.com
Poison Noises The CrookOverdrive8.3$99poisonnoises.com
JHS 3 Series ReverbReverb8.3$99Reverb.com
Danelectro 3699 fUZZFuzz8.2$199Reverb.com
Time Box Instruments MeltdownDelay8.0$200Reverb.com
Music Box Pedals Lyla DriveOverdrive7.9$175musicboxpedals.com
Flamma Innovation FC-05Modulation7.8$40Amazon.com
Nux Duo TimeDelay7.7$149Amazon.com
Interchange Noise Works Streamline IOverdrive7.7$95inw.com
EHX Eddy Chorus/Vibrato7.6$112Sweetwater
Interchange Noise Works On AirFuzz7.6$175inw.com
Thirty7fx Fat Guy Little CoatFuzz7.5$99thirty7fx.com
Strip FX KC-94Overdrive7.4$125Reverb.com
Summer School Electronics Gus DriveOverdrive7.3$150Reverb.com
Thirty7fx TombstoneTreble Booster7.3$135thirty7fx.com
Nux FiremanDistortion7.3$119Amazon.com
Donner White TapeDelay7.3$50Amazon.com
Supro Analog ChorusChorus/Vibrato7.1$249Reverb.com
Orange Acoustic PedalAmp/Cab Sim6.8$169Reverb.com
Musiclily FUZZFuzz6.7$47Amazon.com
Orange Terror StampAmp/Cab Sim6.6$200Reverb.com
SPS Pedals Local 2609Overdrive6.6$120Reverb.com
Flamma FC-02Reverb6.2$40Amazon.com
Mosky Black RatDistortion5.2$32Amazon.com
Musiclily AD-01Delay4.7$47Amazon.com

My Thoughts

Obviously this list is heavily tilted towards the gain side of the pedal spectrum. This is partially because gain (overdrive, distortion, boosters, fuzz) are generally the easiest circuits to make and are the most popular. In fact, everyone and their mother is now making some version of an overdrive pedal.

However, many of them are clones of older circuits and only a few actually have some unique characteristics. I think the Heroine is one of the most versatile and useful gain pedals I have ever played, with the Element 119, NVMBR Fuzz, and the Streamline Series I following in close behind. These all do unique and/or multiple gain sounds that took no time to fit into my rig and playing experience.

In terms of clones and clone-ish pedals, the Wampler Ratsbane is arguably the best RAT distortion pedal I’ve ever played. It’s not only incredibly versatile, but it is a very creative take on the classic circuit that is more clone-ish than pure clone. The Lyla Drive is a phenomenal Timmy-style pedal that will absolutely be sticking around my board as well. The Crook, from Poison Noises is also not a pure clone, but is one of the coolest overdrives I’ve played in a while, with LED or Mosfet clipping options.

When it comes to the more atmospheric side of things, where I love to hang out, the Astral Destiny was shockingly worth the hype generated by its 2021 release. It’s versatile, useable, and honestly a great value for the price tag. The MOOD is intimidating, and amazing, but even if you just use the reverb and delay features it is a blast. The granular delay and micro looping is still taking me some getting used to, but it is definitely a groundbreaking approach to sound generation.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on the huge jump in amp/cab sim technology. The Iridium is perfect for me, with tons of onboard gain and three very distinct amplifier voices. I could easily replace my live and recording rigs with this pedal, and I plan on doing just that. The Walrus Audio ACS-1 is probably actually a better pedal, owing to its incredible feature set and hi-fi, crystal clear tones.

If we look over at Reverb’s best selling pedals released in 2021, gear I reviewed is well represented. Earthquaker Devices and their Astral Destiny check in at #1 overall, while the Walrus ACS-1 is close behind at #4. In the best selling pedals of 2021 list, which includes more than just new releases, the Iridium cracks the top 10 list as well, checking in as the 9th most purchased pedal on Reverb all year.

Another way to look at our reviews, by brand!

Established BrandsNew Builders Quality ClonesAffordable/Budget
Earthquaker DevicesShotmaker InstrumentsStrip FXNux
Strymon Interchange Noise WorksSPS PedalsMusiclily
Walrus AudioPoison Noises Music Box PedalsFlamma Innovation
JHS PedalsThirty7fx Summer School ElectronicsDonner
Chase Bliss AudioOctober Audio
Wampler IK Multimedia
EHXTime Box Instruments
Orange Amplifiers

Top Pedals Reviewed In 2021 By My Friends (Who You Should Follow)

Pedal PickEffect TypeGrab Your Own
Pedal HavenTX Pedals AnimalizzerFuzzReverb.com
Gear FeverUniversal Audio Golden ReverberatorReverbReverb.com
Matt FoyKOAmps Aunt Peg’s RamblerOctave FuzzReverb.com

And last but not least, some closing words by my good friend Sebastian from Var Guitar on his favorite pedals of the year, Tone Bender heartbreak, and effects modeling!

“I have two “pedals of the year”, for completely different reasons. The first is the Line 6 HX Effects. You’ve heard of the Helix family of modelers; the HX Effects has all their effects, it just omits the amp modeling. I wanted a flexible way to route delay, reverb, and modulation around my analog drives without needing to unplug my whole board every time I change my mind. I’m not enough of a mod connoisseur to feel like I need discrete analog pedals for everything – I was using a Boss MD-500 and DD-500 beforehand – and the HX Effects does everything I used them for, plus vastly more, in one box. The onboard editing is really easy, the effects are incredibly high quality, and I feel like I can now spend more time making music and experimenting than unplugging and re-connecting patch cables.   The Line 6 crew are constantly issuing firmware updates, but even if they never released another, the effects in the current version will do 90% of everything I’ll ever want. It’s the centerpiece of my pedalboard and I can’t wait to see what effects the Line 6 crew add next. 

My second pedal of the year is the Ramble FX Twin Bender. I had gotten really hyped up for the Boss TB-2W, and even managed to place an order for one, but when the place I ordered from ended up cancelling my order due to lack of supply, my fuzzy dreams came crashing down. I refuse to pay the secondary market premium for a TB-2W, so I did a lot of research into what would make for a suitable consolation prize; now that I have the Twin Bender, my search has come to an end. Like the TB-2W, it contains a Tone Bender MK II circuit, but it goes even further. For one, whereas the Boss has three bias settings, the Twin Bender has a fully adjustable bias knob, enabling you to starve the transistors for squelchy splattering tones or get ripping fuzz at full voltage. What’s more, it also contains a Tone Bender MK 1.5 circuit, has a few EQ options, and an adjustable input impede-r so that it plays nicely with buffers/wireless/et cetera. I’m extremely happy with it, and i don’t imagine you can get a fuller-featured Bender for the price. 

This all being said, if you are a Guitars For Idiots reader looking to sell a TB-2W at its original MSRP, please get in touch.”


Published by Matt Dunn

Guitar and music journalist for Ultimate-Guitar.com and Guitarsforidiots.com as well as a contributor for Guitarniche.com and Stringjoy.com. Reach out to talk about guitars, commission a partscaster, or ask for a review.

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