Z-TONE Buffer Boost Pedal Review from IK Multimedia

Who ever thought a boost pedal would become an essential part of my signal chain? Cost: $169.99. Find your own through our affiliate links on, Thomann.com, Amazon.com, Reverb.com, or Musiciansfriend.com! Or get more info from IKmultimedia.com! How It Works & Final Score: 9.2 When I first cracked the Z-TONE Buffer Boost out of the boxContinue reading “Z-TONE Buffer Boost Pedal Review from IK Multimedia”

JHS PG 14 Paul Gilbert Signature Distortion Pedal Review

Cost: $199.00 from Reverb.com, click here to get your own! How it Works & Final Score: 9.2 Not only the is JHS’s PG-14 a great looking pedal, but it’s also incredibly diverse and versatile. The PG-14 is designed around a FET based distortion engine. This engine used to provide a classic, pushed tube amp toneContinue reading “JHS PG 14 Paul Gilbert Signature Distortion Pedal Review”

Boss CH-1 Chorus Pedal Review

Cost: $119.99 new, find on Amazon.com or Reverb.com! How it Works and Final Score: 8.5 The Boss CH-1 Super Chorus is one of the most popular and reliable guitar pedals on the market. Built incredibly tough and resilient, like many Boss foot pedals, the CH-1 features 4 controllable parameters. Effect level controls the volume ofContinue reading “Boss CH-1 Chorus Pedal Review”

Mooer Acoustikar Acoustic Simulator Pedal Review

Cost: $88.00 new but search HERE for a deal on Reverb.com How it Works and Final Score: 8.2 The Mooer Acoustikar is a fun pedal that’s small in both size and price. Sure to please most pedal heads, an acoustic simulator is far from a pedalboard staple, but provides some unexpected tonal fun. The AcoustikarContinue reading “Mooer Acoustikar Acoustic Simulator Pedal Review”

TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper Pedal Review

Cost: $125.00, new or cheaper from Reverb.com How It Works and Final Score: 8.3 The big brother of the best selling TC Electronic Ditto Looper, the Stereo version adds a few helpful tweaks to help you get the most out of your looping experience. The pedal adds a stereo I/O (or dual mono) functionality andContinue reading “TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper Pedal Review”

Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal Review

Cost: $99.00, new find your own on Reverb.com or Amazon.com! Huge thanks to Ed for making all these great Osiamo product reviews happen! How it Works and Final Score: 8.7 I have to start this review out by saying that this pedal should not sound different than the ODR-mini logically, but honestly, the ODR-1 soundsContinue reading “Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal Review”

Nobels ODR-mini Pedal Review

Cost: $79.00, new. Want your own? Check HERE for the best prices! Huge thanks to Ed from Osiamo for sending this for review! How it Works and Final Score: 7.7 The ODR-mini is the smaller, more pedal board friendly version of its big brother, the Nobels ODR-1. Capable of going from overdriven tube amp toContinue reading “Nobels ODR-mini Pedal Review”

Ammoon Nano Chorus Pedal Review

Cost: $29.99 new but prices may vary on Reverb Gifted to me by my brother and been on my board ever since. How it Works & Final Score: 7.8 If you’re looking for a big sounding chorus pedal that won’t take up a lot of budget or pedalboard space, look no further! The Ammoon ChorusContinue reading “Ammoon Nano Chorus Pedal Review”

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review

Cost: $49.99 USD new, find your own on Amazon.com or Reverb.com! Purchased this pedal recently after realizing I needed a simple, reliable distortion. How it Works and Final Score: 8.7 The Boss DS-1 Distortion is one of the most straightforward and popular pedals of all time. Known best for its punchy, classic rock-style distortion, theContinue reading “Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review”

MXR Carbon Copy Delay Review

Cost: $149.99, find the right version of this pedal for yourself from Amazon.com or Reverb.com! This pedal was purchased for personal use and review and has long been a staple of my pedal board. How It Works and Final Score: 8.7 Capable of both short and long delay, the Carbon Copy is a must haveContinue reading “MXR Carbon Copy Delay Review”