Morifone Guitars Launches Their New Spada Guitar Lineup

Morifone’s follow up to the Quarzo is a smaller, quirkier offset that is quite frankly, stunning. To those of you who follow my content closely, the Morifone Spada may already be a familiar name to you. That’s because just last year, I got one of the first Spada’s ever made, a signature guitar for yoursContinue reading “Morifone Guitars Launches Their New Spada Guitar Lineup”

Punk Paradox: A Wordy, Worthy Read

Let’s do a book review instead of a guitar or pedal review, because this book is quite the read. You’re probably looking at this article and thinking, what the hell is this? This website is for guitar and guitar gear reviews, opinions, and rants. Well, it’s also a place for me to write about allContinue reading “Punk Paradox: A Wordy, Worthy Read”

What We Know About The Leaked Squier Paranormal Guitars

Squier’s pending additions to the Paranormal guitar lineup look like some of their best work yet. The internet has been buzzing about these new guitars leaked from Fender/Squier. While there is no official word from anyone at Fender about these, it seems pretty obvious these are the next line of Paranormal guitars to be addedContinue reading “What We Know About The Leaked Squier Paranormal Guitars”

Stop Buying Coated Guitar Strings

Toxic chemicals have been found in some guitar strings that have no business being used to marginally improve your playing experience. Many of you who read my articles know me as a pretty opinionated content creator. I’ve managed to get myself into disagreements with everyone from Gibson to Silvertone. Time to add some string manufacturersContinue reading “Stop Buying Coated Guitar Strings”

My 10 Favorite Guitars From 5 Years Of Reviews

A look back on 10 favorites, not necessarily the top 10 guitars in terms of review score though. 10. Fender Mustang 90 I’ve never played a lot of shorter scale guitars, as my bigger hands feel about clumsy on them. But this was a punk rock dream. The Player Series Mustang 90 was affordable, light,Continue reading “My 10 Favorite Guitars From 5 Years Of Reviews”

Top 10 Punk Guitarists

A very opinionated ranking by someone who has no business telling you what to think. I’m going to do something stupid and try to rank the top 10 guitarists in punk rock history. Here’s the thing, there is no right answer at all. Your top 10 and mine could be so different. There are alsoContinue reading “Top 10 Punk Guitarists”

The Problem With The Decline of Western Civilization III

The third film in the great Spheeris trilogy shows just how far punk fell from the heights of Decline I. Part III of the Decline series is arguably the most important of all the movies. Part II is no doubt entertaining, but has some questionable moments, and just kind of reinforces the ridiculousness of thatContinue reading “The Problem With The Decline of Western Civilization III”

Guitars For Idiots Giveaway: Win Electric Love Pedals’ Entire Lineup

First place takes home all three of the breast cancer awareness pedals, while second place gets a handful of fuzz! To kick of 2023, I’m giving away 5 guitar pedals to help support my friends over at Electric Love Pedals and the great work they do to support breast cancer research. As I wrote inContinue reading “Guitars For Idiots Giveaway: Win Electric Love Pedals’ Entire Lineup”

3 Guitars That Never Caught On (But Should Have)

Why didn’t these three guitars sell more or show up on more stages, videos, and pages? Fender Lead III – Grab your own on Reverb or Sweetwater I loved this guitar and was devastated when the loan period on it ended. It was so comfortable, simple, and fun to play. Especially for the punk andContinue reading “3 Guitars That Never Caught On (But Should Have)”

Pedals For A Cause: Electric Love Pedals Fund Breast Cancer Research

100% of proceeds from this pedal brand will go directly to help combat breast cancer. When we talk about guitar pedals, and guitar gear in general, we’re often worked up in a frenzy of aggressive comments, stubborn opinions, and subjective views. All of those minor arguments of importance are dwarfed by the ever present importanceContinue reading “Pedals For A Cause: Electric Love Pedals Fund Breast Cancer Research”