Morifone Guitars Launches Their New Spada Guitar Lineup

Morifone’s follow up to the Quarzo is a smaller, quirkier offset that is quite frankly, stunning. To those of you who follow my content closely, the Morifone Spada may already be a familiar name to you. That’s because just last year, I got one of the first Spada’s ever made, a signature guitar for yoursContinue reading “Morifone Guitars Launches Their New Spada Guitar Lineup”

The Line 6 Catalyst Is Kinda A Game Changer For Me

I revisit the 100 watt Catalyst Amp after several months of getting acquainted with it. Want to see a more technical/objective review to familiarize yourself with the Catalyst? Check out my piece for Ultimate-Guitar where we dig into some of the specs. As some of you may have noticed that I’ve settled into a nicerContinue reading “The Line 6 Catalyst Is Kinda A Game Changer For Me”

Universal Audio’s DelVerb Is Worth It’s Weight In Spring Reverb

My favorite of UA’s newest pedal releases brings lots of versatility, and brilliant spring reverb to your board. Back during the NAMM madness Universal Audio unveiled three new pedals. The DelVerb Ambience Companion, the MAX Preamp Dual Compressor, and Galaxy Tape Echo & Reverb. In the coming weeks, I’ll have a Galaxy versus Boss RE-2Continue reading “Universal Audio’s DelVerb Is Worth It’s Weight In Spring Reverb”

Punk Paradox: A Wordy, Worthy Read

Let’s do a book review instead of a guitar or pedal review, because this book is quite the read. You’re probably looking at this article and thinking, what the hell is this? This website is for guitar and guitar gear reviews, opinions, and rants. Well, it’s also a place for me to write about allContinue reading “Punk Paradox: A Wordy, Worthy Read”

Meet the Fuzz Club, Your New Versatile, Loud Fuzz Friend

A Fuzz War-inspired pedal that adds versatility and lots of volume to any pedalboard it touches. It’s not everyday that I find pedals that are too loud. So when Phil from Cat Box Customs hit me up saying, be careful with this thing I kind of laughed and moved on with my day. But heContinue reading “Meet the Fuzz Club, Your New Versatile, Loud Fuzz Friend”

Has My Love Of The PRS SE McCarty 594 Standard Held Up?

I gave this guitar a glowing review back in February, but almost 3 months later what do I think? Despite our best efforts as guitar gear reviewers we sometimes can get caught up in the moment. I try not to review stuff too quickly, to avoid being overly effusive with praise that will wear offContinue reading “Has My Love Of The PRS SE McCarty 594 Standard Held Up?”

What We Know About The Leaked Squier Paranormal Guitars

Squier’s pending additions to the Paranormal guitar lineup look like some of their best work yet. The internet has been buzzing about these new guitars leaked from Fender/Squier. While there is no official word from anyone at Fender about these, it seems pretty obvious these are the next line of Paranormal guitars to be addedContinue reading “What We Know About The Leaked Squier Paranormal Guitars”

New Pedal Builder: Heuristic Industries Launches The Fulcrum

The Fulcrum is a simple, two knob preamp that offers a wide range of gain and EQ control. This week on Guitars For Idiots I’m going to bring your attention to a new pedal builder, Heuristic Industries. The company is about to launch off the ground, and sent me this Fulcrum Preamp pedal prototype toContinue reading “New Pedal Builder: Heuristic Industries Launches The Fulcrum”

How Good is the New MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive Pedal?

It’s pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good actually! Spending 500 or so words railing against overpriced overdrive pedals is nothing new for me. It definitely helps pay the bills that’s for sure. So whether it is comparing 16 Klon clones to show how they all sound the same, or discussing how Marshall is charging a bitContinue reading “How Good is the New MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive Pedal?”

Stop Buying Coated Guitar Strings

Toxic chemicals have been found in some guitar strings that have no business being used to marginally improve your playing experience. Many of you who read my articles know me as a pretty opinionated content creator. I’ve managed to get myself into disagreements with everyone from Gibson to Silvertone. Time to add some string manufacturersContinue reading “Stop Buying Coated Guitar Strings”