A Crisp, Crunch Box For Your Bass From Summer School Electronics

Summer School Electronics updates their beloved Gus Drive for bass players.

Fresh off the madness of Black Friday, Summer School Electronics announced and released their newest pedal, the Gus Plus.

The Gus Plus is their Gus Drive pedal, but with a clean blend knob added to it. This makes it ideal for bass players, who can mix in the right amount of clean, unaffected signal to maintain clarity, presence, and proper bass EQ.

The Gus circuitry is inspired by the DOD250 and MXR Distortion+, a pedal archetype that’s had a bit of a renaissance recently. Dual pedal formats were released by Gear Ant and Pelican Noise Works, while JHS gave the pedal a major makeover and publicity boost as well. For what it is worth, the Gus Drive is not only a favorite of mine but was also a highly rated review from 2021.

Check out my demo of the Gus Plus below, as it sits between my Squier CV Precision Bass and Fender Rumble Bass Amp. Nothing too fancy, but you can hear a good amount of versatility and how touch sensitive the Gus circuitry is.

And when I rolled off the tone knob on my bass, this crazy sub-synth tone popped out of nowhere as well. Thanks to Mark from Summer School for the tip on that application, it was a blast.

This pedal is perfect for the type of music I generally play on bass, ranging from punk to alternative rock. In the clip I shared on Instagram, I was working through one of the best bass progressions out there, a song called Fake Tales Of San Francisco by the Arctic Monkeys.

The Gus Plus can provide a nice little punch of volume and grit, or go full on distortion with the turn of just one knob. I usually played with a nearly 50% balance of overdriven and clean signal, as I think that best preserved the bass tone I’m going to often emulate. Punchy, dirty, and in your face. Anyway you are partial to, the Gus Plus can help get you there! Another pedal worth a long look from Summer School Electronics!

Go grab a Gus Plus from their website while their sale is still going on!

Published by Matt Dunn

Guitar and music journalist for Ultimate-Guitar.com and Guitarsforidiots.com as well as a contributor for Guitarniche.com and Stringjoy.com. Reach out to talk about guitars, commission a partscaster, or ask for a review.

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