Playing Authentic Just Got Harder Thanks To Eastman Guitars

Credit: Eastman Guitars

One of my favorite parts of running this website is getting to highlight my favorite guitars or companies, especially ones I think you should know about. My love of classic Gibson models, and suspicion of the Gibson company, are two of the more talked about topics on this site. I love so many of their guitars, but can’t get behind how much they charge for QA/QC that’s all over the place. These feelings have made me search far and wide for a way to get all the things I love about these guitars distilled into a better package and I believe Eastman has done that perfectly.

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Eastman prides itself on top notch attention to detail that is displayed in each and every guitar. Eastman is also unique in that they’ve really capitalized on the overseas market, where they can keep costs down but still produce really fantastic guitars. This aren’t some large scale, factory mill productions. They are carefully designed and built just like a USA Gibson would be, just overseas where we all know companies can save a ton of money.

Started about 25 years ago by Qian Ni after he graduated from Boston University’s school of music, it’s been an impressively successful quarter decade for the brand. Eastman has quickly gained the attention of players and the guitar media horde while simultaneously inspiring many other overseas builders to step up their game. In my opinion, you don’t see the highly successful Shijie or 10S guitars without this precedent being set by Eastman to some degree.

What you end up with is an instrument that may cost more than the lowest Gibson model, but plays more like a Gibson Custom Shop model. Take their new SB55DC/v for example, this is a premium Les Paul Jr guitar that looks decades old thanks to their antique varnish and is basically my dream guitar.

We’re going to be digging into their most well known model, the SB59 shortly so stay tuned for more on that! In the meantime, dig through their website and see the kind of praise these guys have accumulated. It may just make you want one of these instead of a real deal Gibson…

What Lies Ahead for GuitarsForIdiots In 2020

The first year of running this site went just about as well as I could have imagined. Honestly, it probably even exceeded expectations. In no way shape or form did I expect my guitar and music journalism career to take off to the point that Fender would be sending me their newest guitars to review. I also never expected to be hanging out backstage with my favorite band, SWMRS, after interviewing them for The point being, 2019 is gonna be hard to top in 2020. As we set out to make this year even better, let’s take a look at what you can expect of this site in the new year…

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More Affordable Guitar Reviews

Surprisingly, all of the most successful posts on this website had one thing in common: they were affordable guitar or bass reviews. That’s not to say that other mod articles or pricey gear reviews were unsuccessful, but cheap clearly resonates with many of you out on the internet.

Glarry’s cheap GP Bass, Squier’s Affinity Telecaster, and Orange’s Crush 20 amp were all some of the most viewed articles of the year. You can be sure that I’ll be including even more affordable gear this year and very soon. Keep an eye out for some new Squier, Epiphone, Firefly, and Goldfinch reviews coming your way. Hopefully, these will help you know where the best places to spend your money are while still making sure you end up with gear that suits your needs!

Being Annoying On Social Media

While I’ve never been good at social media whether it was my personal accounts or for journalism, I plan on stepping it up in 2020. Having huge social media followings and great, creative content is one of the primary ways for me to attract companies attention. Once I attract their attention, that means more gear reviews for all of you.

I don’t buy gear to review, I don’t get paid by companies to say nice things about it, no one even sponsors any articles of mine. All of that makes the success and widespread engagement I got in 2019 all the more impressive (and shocking) in my eyes. So this year, like, comment, and share everything you can to help us get the following that will allow this site to really thrive. I want to make this a place where readers feel listened to. My dm’s are always open and when people ask me to review something, I do. I’ve already had several people recommend gear that is now en route to me in 2020 for review!

More Advanced Mods & Partscasters

To be fair, while I am very proud of the mods and builds I did this year, there is room for improvement. My stance has always been this: I’m a bad guitar tech, therefore if I’m saying that I did this, it sounds good, and is easy then you can definitely do it. I’m in the process of upgrading my tools, knowledge, and fine motor skills so that we can put together some really cool, truly unique guitars and better inform the public without coming off as pompous as some of the most popular YouTubers and journalists do at bigger publications.

A Surprising Amount Of Cool Guitar Reviews

While I’m definitely going to emphasize reviewing more affordable and accessible models, I also want to get my hands on some crazy, out-there guitars that a lot publications don’t talk about. Whether it is because they are expensive, rare, or just weird, I want to document them so you know a thing or two when you win the lottery or finally save up enough to buy one. It could be high end LP replicas from a smaller brand, it could a new up and coming company, or it may just be something ugly! But I’m going to mix a ton of cool guitars into the pool, so don’t be afraid to dig through the pile of Squier, Epiphone, Schecter, and Ibanez beginner model reviews.

NAMM 2020: Yvette Young & Ibanez Debut Her YY10 Signature Talman

Credit: Ibanez

A longtime underrated guitar model, the Ibanez Talman might be best known as The Offspring guitarist Noodles’ guitar of choice. However, tapping sensation Yvette Young may just be taking over the Talman world just yet.

Her new signature model, coming in Slime Green Sparkle (wow), features three Seymour Duncan Five Two single coil pickups. Wilkinson WV6-SB tremolo is matched to Gotoh MG-T locking tuners to provide top flight tuning stability and performance. The YY10 Talman also features a U-shaped neck and comes tuned to FACBGE out of the factory, making it a guitar just as unique as the namesake!

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NAMM 2020: Ernie Ball Music Man Reveals The Sabre Electric

Credit: Ernie Ball

Not wanting to be left out of the new guitar fun, Ernie Ball Music Man, or EBMM as I prefer, unveiled their new Sabre (on the left) solid body guitar model. A super lightweight Okoume body is matched to a carved Maple top with binding. Two custom EBMM humbuckers bless the front of this almost offset Strat-style guitar. Flanking the Sabre on the right side above is their new JP model as well as Steve Lukather’s new model. All these new guitars match their incredible feel and engineering with some new twists and finishes. These will no doubt be fun to play, even if they cost an arm and a leg!

Dunder Mifflin is a part of Sabre

NAMM 2020: Vox Is Making Electric Guitars Again, Here Is What They Look Like!

Credit: Vox Amplification

Despite being best known for their all time great amplifiers, Vox does have a long, rich history of guitar production. While it has slowed in the last decade or so, they are making a strong first impression in 2020 thanks to their new Bobcat models. Inspired by the British Invasion era, these two new semi-hollow guitars pack a ton of vintage tones and looks! The Maple Plywood body has a Spruce center block, paired to a Mahogany neck and Indonesian Ebony fretboard. The guitar comes in two varieties, the V90 with its dual P90 pickups or the S66 that sports three single coils!

Head over to their site for more info on these new Vox guitars!

NAMM 2020: PRS Unveils New Silver Sky Finishes, Maple Necks

Credit: PRS Guitars

Not to be outdone by its other competitors, PRS took the first day of NAMM by storm behind some new Silver Sky models. Two new finish options called Midnight Rose and Polar Blue will join the line in 2020, as will Maple fretboards.

PRS didn’t end there, in addition to sprucing up the current line, they teased the new Nebula edition Silver Sky as well. Limited to 500 guitars, the Nebula Silver Sky will come designed to reflect light at different angles, giving it the appearance of changing colors in light. Hit up PRS for more details and info!

Credit: PRS Guitars

NAMM 2020: Harmony Has Another New Guitar, The Semi-Hollow Comet

Credit: Harmony Guitars & BandLab Technology

Harmony, part of BandLab Technology, continues to release awesome guitar after awesome guitar. Their new Comet guitar, first teased in a press release and 60 Cycle Hum’s NAMM content, this guitar is their new take on the classic H-72 model. While they have yet to show any official pictures, check out 60 Cycle Hum’s instagram to see these beauty.

The Comet will feature Harmony’s proprietary Gold Foil pickups, a 25″ scale length, and a vintage, C-shaped neck! Available in Spring 2020, this is a must try guitar for me and should be for many of you too.