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Hi all, my name is Matt, and some of you might know me as the tech editor over at Ultimate-Guitar.com, where I’ve worked since January 2019. Along the way, I’ve also published for a ton of websites like Gearank.com, Guitarniche.com, Guitarchalk.com, amongst others.

This website is sort of a passion project that allows me to be far more subjective, opinionated, and cover more unique gear than my other mainstream publication responsibilities allow. While I love being objective about guitar gear, on this site we’ll dive a bit deeper into how gear fits, or doesn’t fit, into my punk and post-punk leanings.

Here I also focus on doing everything but endless blues noodling or John Mayer impressions. Everything that other channels, websites, and Instagram influencers do, I’m trying not to. Do I edit, mix, or master my demos? Nope. If it doesn’t sound good, it means I probably just struggled to coax a good sound out of it. Sure, sometimes my content may seem a bit less polished than others, but that’s kind of the point. It’s gear reviews with a raw, punk feel that is hopefully shorter, more direct, and less infomercial-like than a lot of the other stuff out there.

My Amps

Throughout all my demos, you’re hearing the Universal Audio Ruby or Dream amp/cab sims being run into my laptop instead of a traditional amp. Though I still use and love my Vox AC15. Grab your own, you won’t regret it.

My Signature Guitar

I partnered with one of my good friends, and favorite luthiers, Ren Buffoni on my signature Morifone Spada. A unique take on HSS, it has two mini humbuckers in the neck and middle position, while a soapbar P90 is in the bridge, all controlled by a freeway switch with 6 positions. I’ll use this in a ton of videos throughout the year, but mostly use it for my personal, original music recording off screen. Learn more at Morifone’s website!

My Pedal Demo Guitar

All the pedal demos in 2023 will be recorded using my RWM Double Cut T-style. The perfect mix between Tele and Les Paul Junior, this single P90 guitar is all mine as a proud endorser of RWM Guitars.

Other gear builders I love and recommend checking out ASAP!

Kyle over at Moon Guitars is one of the best luthiers in the game, and I’m a proud customer of his.


I regularly use the Gus Drive, Gus Plus, Snow Day Delay, and Science Fair pedals from Mark at Summer School on all my boards. Our collaboration on the Science Fair was a Top 10 pedal of 2022 according to the JHS Show!

The JHS Show

The Blessed Mother is permanently strapped to my demo board, and the Sensation Fuzzdrive is my go-to bass gain stage.



PhD Candidate in Oceanography, guitar content creator, shitty guitar player, probably want to talk to you about The Clash or Bad Religion.

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