Introducing StripFX and their KC94 Klon Klone

A Klone in a custom orange encasing from a company that will build custom clones and pedals? Sign me up.

Cost: $125 from, also hit up StripFX on Instagram!

StripFX is a relatively new pedal maker on the scene and unlike a lot of the pedals you’ve seen me demo and review, they mostly focus on making customized or one off clones with a creative touch. Many of StripFX’s products are custom orders, though they also experiment with some pretty cool concepts themselves. Just after I got this, they posted a killer Klon + Tube Screamer 2 in 1 pedal that I bet sounds just as killer as this Klon Klone.

The pedal in question here is pretty straight forward however, with your standard gain, tone, and volume controls for the sought after transparent overdrive. The simple, bright orange big box enclosure is a nice touch however, and StripFX makes several colors available when it comes time to order your own pedal. Dubbed the KC94, this pedal sounds best with the gain at noon or higher, like the original Klon was intended for. So all of you out there using the Klon or a Klone as a clean boost, what are you doing??

Review & Opinion:

For the price, this is one of the best takes on the Klon I’ve tried in a while! While my trusty EHX Soul Food will always be a great budget option, this isn’t too much more expensive and has a bit more of a unique visual profile. The StripFX KC94 definitely works best with the gain cranked up, providing a nice sparkle and body to your guitar tone that sits somewhere between distortion and overdrive. I’m really loving how it sounds with big, open chords, it is definitely something that I’ll use for rhythm guitar tones quite often.

The controls are also really sensitive, with a good bit of sweep and control over the tonal and gain sounds. So while this isn’t anything I haven’t heard or experienced before, it’s honestly really cool to have my own Klon Klone in a finish of my choice that is well built, and more affordable than most options on the market. And while I am a fan of cheaper pedals, of which there are many Klones, the sonic fingerprint of this KC94 from StripFX is definitely superior to anything you’d find on Amazon.

While I’m relatively new to transparent overdrives, I do find the Klon circuit to be really easy to use. There’s no bad sounds in it, and it can do everything from boost to drive to heavy dirt when paired with a good amp. This specific pedal can also be had in a standard sized pedal enclosure if you’re worried about board real estate, but I loved the idea of having a larger, more Klon-like shape!

Conclusion & Final Rating: 7 out of 10

For $120 I got a custom colored Klon pedal that sounds like the real deal. That’s a hell of a deal, especially in today’s inflated pedal marketplace. If you want two classic circuits in one box, an uncommon expensive circuit at a better price, or really anything you can imagine, it seems StripFX might just be the pedal maker to talk to. Their instagram is littered with cool builds, concepts, and ideas.

I’m all about helping highlight smaller builders and companies, especially when they don’t really come with a boutique price tag. And I think StripFX is really worth your time to check out. As much as I love all the unique pedals I get to try, it is nice to really solid, reliable basics on my board for live gigging and recording. This KC94 perfectly nails that need and I’m very happy to recommend it or another one of their builds.

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