It’s A Major Award (Fuzz)

The last pedal featured in our big giveaway, meet the limited release fuzz from Oneder Effects! We have one more, informal and short pedal review to get through before the massive giveaway ends on January 17th. Last but certainly not least, let’s take a look at the Major Award fuzz from Oneder Effects. The MajorContinue reading “It’s A Major Award (Fuzz)”

You Can Win This Demonic Machines Fukt Fuzz, And Trust Me You Want It

A square wave, glitchy fuzz with blendable sub-octave that is pretty fukt up. As part of the big Instagram giveaway to support Electric Love Pedals, you can win this Fukt Fuzz as the second place prize! And let me use this informal pedal review to show you why you want this pedal. Demonic Machines makesContinue reading “You Can Win This Demonic Machines Fukt Fuzz, And Trust Me You Want It”

Guitars For Idiots Giveaway: Win Electric Love Pedals’ Entire Lineup

First place takes home all three of the breast cancer awareness pedals, while second place gets a handful of fuzz! To kick of 2023, I’m giving away 5 guitar pedals to help support my friends over at Electric Love Pedals and the great work they do to support breast cancer research. As I wrote inContinue reading “Guitars For Idiots Giveaway: Win Electric Love Pedals’ Entire Lineup”

The 2022 Guitar Pedal Rankings Are Here

They look different than they did in years past, but they are still chock full of insights into the marketplace. The Guitars For Idiots pedal rankings are going to look a bit unfamiliar this year. In 2022, I slowed down the pace of the website a bit, mostly because I was overwhelmed with new responsibilitiesContinue reading “The 2022 Guitar Pedal Rankings Are Here”