You Can Win This Demonic Machines Fukt Fuzz, And Trust Me You Want It

A square wave, glitchy fuzz with blendable sub-octave that is pretty fukt up.

As part of the big Instagram giveaway to support Electric Love Pedals, you can win this Fukt Fuzz as the second place prize! And let me use this informal pedal review to show you why you want this pedal.

Demonic Machines makes some pretty impressive stuff, like the Homunculus drive I placed rather highly in last year’s pedal rankings. But this Fukt Fuzz is arguably the most fun fuzz I’ve tried in awhile. This was also one of their first pedals, previously known as the Glitch Fuzz and Truffle Fuzz, but beloved for its sub-octave and crackly fuzzy sound.

It’s an analog fuzz circuit, with a blend knob to combine the sub-octave and fuzz signals as you see best fit. The Fukt Fuzz also has a nifty bias control to really dial in that fuzz sound for a variety of uses.

This may be a shorter, more informal review than I normally do, but don’t let that distract you from how fun this pedal is. I genuinely had a blast with this fukt up pedal from the minute I engaged it. It can be mellowed out for a more familiar fuzz sound, but it is at its best as a gnarly, punk or garage rock freakout device. Perfect for breakdowns, tense lead lines and solos, or for making sure everyone in the audience is awake. The Fukt Fuzz is a noisemaker through and through, and a good one at that.

Looking forward, I see this ranking pretty highly in the end of 2023 list, because it is lo-fi, glitchy, and not really like a lot of the fuzzes I’ve reviewed to date. It almost sounds like it is breaking your amp speaker or guitar at some points, in the best way possible. You should want to win this, go check out the details on Instagram or in this previous article!

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