Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ Review

Cost: $199.99 new, buy from Reverb HERE This bass was purchased new from American Musical Supply for review and modifications! Overview and Final Score: 6.5 The Squier Affinity Series Precision PJ bass packs a variety of tonal options in a simple and familiar package. Within the streamlined, P Bass body and pick guard, players haveContinue reading “Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ Review”

Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Review

Cost: $199.99 new, find yours on Amazon.com or Reverb.com! This guitar was purchased from Reverb.com to review and modify in future articles, buy your own ->>> Reverb.com!!! Overview and Final Score: 6.0 As I alluded to in my gear reviews primer the other day, the Squier Affinity Series Telecaster is one of the best comparisonsContinue reading “Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Review”

A Guitar Review Primer: How Scoring Works

The Scoring Scale Here are Guitars for Idiots, we use a simple 1 to 10 scale like most people do for rating the quality of each instrument, amplifier, or pedal. However, we try to bring everything back and frame it in comparison to a reference point, after all what’s a number mean if there isContinue reading “A Guitar Review Primer: How Scoring Works”

Chapman Guitars ML1 Modern V2 Review

Cost: $499.00 new  Huge thank you to Matt Hornby from Chapman Guitars for sending this over for review! Find your own awesome Chapman Guitar HERE Overview and Final Score: 9.4 Chapman’s ML1 Modern V2 is an awesome take on the superstrat design, featuring a familiar body and neck profile with huge output from the SonorousContinue reading “Chapman Guitars ML1 Modern V2 Review”

Fact or Fiction? The Future of Guitar Playing Will Look Different

For all the arguments about whether the guitar is dead or not, one topic people don’t often discuss is the death of analog gear and rigs, even among veteran musicians. Just like when Pro Tools was introduced to recording decades ago, we stand at a cross roads in guitar technology that has many people choosingContinue reading “Fact or Fiction? The Future of Guitar Playing Will Look Different”

Eastwood Airline Jetsons JR Bass Review

Cost: $499.00 new, find one on Reverb.com Huge thanks to Michael from Eastwood Guitars for lending this retro reissue for review! Overview and Final Score: 7.0 Eastwood’s Airline series seeks to recreate instruments forgotten in pawn shops and attics across the US. Re-popularized by revivalist garage rockers like Jack White (White Strips, Solo) and DanContinue reading “Eastwood Airline Jetsons JR Bass Review”

Yamaha Revstar RS420 Review

Cost: $499.99 new, find it on Reverb.com This review would not have been possible without Stephanie from Yamaha generously lending me this for review! Overview and Final Score: 9.2 The Yamaha Revstar RS420 is a pure garage rock monster. The guitar features a stripped down design with vintage vibes while still retaining some Gibson similaritiesContinue reading “Yamaha Revstar RS420 Review”

Eastwood Sidejack Pro JM Review

Cost: $1099.00 new but look for savings HERE from Reverb Can’t thank Michael from Eastwood Guitars enough for also sending this surf rock meets punk rock monster! Overview and Final Score: 8.2 Inspired by the Mosrite guitars made famous by Johnny Ramone, Eastwood’s Sidejack Pro JM is marketed as an exciting alternative to Fender JazzmasterContinue reading “Eastwood Sidejack Pro JM Review”

10 Modern Bands That Prove Rock Isn’t Dead Yet

While many claim that guitars and rock music are dead, these 10 bands are fighting back and proving the naysayers wrong. If I had a dollar for every time I hear the phrases “rock is dead” or “the guitar is dead”, I could go out and finally buy my dream guitar (a 1976 Gibson ExplorerContinue reading “10 Modern Bands That Prove Rock Isn’t Dead Yet”