Boss CE-2w Waza Craft Chorus Review: Is This The Pedal I’ve Been Missing?

One of Boss’s latest additions to the Waza Craft line finally makes its way over to Guitars For Idiots.

Cost: $205.99, Grab your own on Reverb, Amazon, Sweetwater, or learn more from Boss themselves!

Despite loving chorus pedals I have almost never been satisfied by the various ones that have cycled through my rig. The Boss Super Chorus didn’t shimmer enough, and affordable pedals like the Ammoon Nano Chorus or Musiclily Chorus just never quite fit well enough with the rest of my rig. Enter the Boss CE-2w, which has not only been a revelation for me personally, but is extremely impressive from an objective review opinion.

The CE-2w Waza Craft is handmade in Japan and features an updated CE-2 circuit as well as the chorus and vibrato modes from the original CE-1. The CE-1 mode is a little more subtle in chorus mode than the CE-2 circuitry. Despite the limited controls, there is only rate and depth control, there is no shortage of tones hidden in this stereo chorus unit.

Review & Opinion

Right off the bat I was impressed with the sheer versatility this simple pedal possesses. The two individual CE-1 modes are great fun, with the vibrato setting be far more usable than any vibrato I’ve ever played. CE-1’s chorus mode is a little bit more mellow than modern choruses tend to sound, but perfectly captures that vintage “London Calling”-era Clash tone I’ve longed for. Think that thick power chord sound from “Death Or Glory” or “Clampdown” that you could never quite get with other chorus pedals who modulated too much of the signal.

Flipping over to the CE-2’s stock mode, you get far more lush, shimmer chorus that has a somewhat reverb-like quality to it. It’s a stark contrast to the CE-1 chorus sound, but equally pleasing to the ear and guitar. The controls are sensitive, but also don’t get too jumpy, giving you lots of wiggle room to go from a slight flutter to full on trem-like waves of chorus and vibrato. And to me, the simple control layout is very freeing, making it easy to find a good sound and stay there. It’s likely true that there isn’t a bad sound in the CE-2w at all, making it a punk guitarist’s dream come true.

Conclusion & Final Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Overall, it is hard to find many flaws with the CE-2w. I do think the price is a bit prohibitive for a lot of players, but the build quality and sound quality is no doubt on par with any boutique pedal maker out there right now. And it’s Boss, so you know it is going to last forever. At the same time, I can’t be too harsh on them for the $200 price tag because there isn’t an abundance of CE-2’s on the market, and the CE-1 is far too unwieldy for most pedalboards. So you’re paying for something you can’t just go out and find anywhere. I know there’s a few clones of the CE-2 floating around, but I have yet to find a ton of them aside from the aforementioned Musiclily chorus which didn’t last long on my board. The Boss CE-2w is a lot of fun, easy to use, and sounds amazing, hard to top that in today’s marketplace!

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3 thoughts on “Boss CE-2w Waza Craft Chorus Review: Is This The Pedal I’ve Been Missing?

  1. Have you ever checked out Zoom Multistomp MS-50G? It has got a lot of great modulation effects on it, including at least three really good sounding chorus settings. The dirt settings are garbage but the reverbs, delays, chorusus, flangers etc. are all very good.


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