I Tried One Of The Most Affordable Acoustics On Amazon

My past experiences with Donner have me expecting great things from the DAJ-110CD.

Grab your own acoustic starter pack from Donner!

What’s The Deal With The DAJ-110CD?

What we’re talking about here is essentially an excellent starter pack for anyone interested in acoustic guitar. With a case, strap, picks, clip-on tuner, capo, and even a pickup for electrifying the acoustic guitar, you have everything you need in one, affordable package. Furthermore, the DAJ-110 CD features a nice cutaway, for easier access to the higher frets. A huge plus for either the beginner or pro guitarist. Currently, you can get this DAJ-110CD package on Amazon or Donner’s own website for around $125, making it one of the most affordable acoustic options on the market.

So What Did I Think?

I’d be lying if I said I was terribly happy with the guitar I recieved. Out of the box, it was nearly unplayable with low action that had the first 5 frets buzzing out and basically useless. I decided that before I adjust anything myself (they do give you an Allen wrench to adjust the truss rod), I’d let it sit for a few weeks to acclimate to my local climate. This improved things, but only slightly, and I’d still call the guitar unplayable.

The good news? A simple adjustment using the wrench and the guitar was good as new. Not a big deal if you’re comfortable adjusting your instrument like I am, but certainly something that would be problematic for a beginner. In fact, I know I would not have been able to diagnose or fix that when I was 14 and just picked up the instrument.

After a few months of playing it, testing it out, and beating it up I am generally pretty happy with the guitar for the price. I mean, $125 got me a useable guitar, a ton of accessories, and it doesn’t look half bad either! I decided not to do a demo of it, partly because of how unplayable it was for awhile but also because I’m not properly outfitted for acoustic demos. I’m obviously more of an electric guy. But it sounds like a reasonable acoustic, and while it isn’t one I’d rely one for the rest of my life, it’s a complete steal at $125.

My Verdict

This is a fantastic option for experienced guitarists who want a backup or travel acoustic. If you are comfortable adjusting it a bit, swapping the strings, and giving it a once over, you will be pretty happy with the DAJ-110CD. If you’re not comfortable or familiar with general guitar setups or care, it may be a bit problematic, and you’ll likely have to invest a few extra dollars into have a local tech look it over for you. But the inclusion of many great accessories and a case is still a big win, and you can get playing guitar faster than ever before with options like this on the market.

Published by Matt Dunn

Guitar and music journalist for Ultimate-Guitar.com and Guitarsforidiots.com as well as a contributor for Guitarniche.com and Stringjoy.com. Reach out to talk about guitars, commission a partscaster, or ask for a review.

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