What Happened To Howl Guitars?

Howl Guitars released one of my all time favorite guitars and then disappeared.

The Howl Sirena 3 was an all time great killer. Made in Korea, this was a high end import guitar that felt and played like a boutique instrument, but cost under $1000. My reviews of the instrument were glowing, and it has been featured in a handful of pedal demos since I got it. I still have it to this day even, and use it regularly for recording original music and gear demos.

Featuring a Korina body, Roasted Maple neck, and a single humbucker (that had a coil split), it was a punk rocker’s dream guitar. There was some real hype growing too, with the guitar even featured on one of my favorite YouTube channels, Agufish. Not to mention my own article on the guitar getting over 25,000 clicks on UG. Not too bad for a new guitar company! But then everything went silent.

Their instagram page was gutted, as was the website. You couldn’t buy the guitars, find them anywhere, or get any information on what happened. Thankfully, it wasn’t a situation where they were ripping people off or going off the grid to get away (like a certain brand I once did a review for). Instead, rumors circulated that a rather large guitar brand was ahem, unhappy with their products? More on that later…

Shortly after that the pandemic also hit, which definitely put a huge pause on any manufacturing they may or may not have had going on or planned. However, the owner of Howl Guitars did confirm to me recently that they are very much alive. So stay tuned, because I will 100% be pumped to see more of their guitars in the world, and certainly hope I get to review another one someday!

For now, I guess I’ll just stay glued to their website to see what happens next!

Here’s one of my favorite pairings, the Sirena 3 plus the Interchange Noise Works Element 119!

Published by Matt Dunn

Guitar and music journalist for Ultimate-Guitar.com and Guitarsforidiots.com as well as a contributor for Guitarniche.com and Stringjoy.com. Reach out to talk about guitars, commission a partscaster, or ask for a review.

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