October Audio Delves Into Complex Modulation With The MNTNS Phaser

Part phaser, part vibrato, part gain stage, the October Audio MNTNS does a bit of everything. You might remember October Audio from my review of their fantastic NVMBR Fuzz pedal back in 2021. That pedal was a mainstay in my rig for a long time, thanks to its versatility and wide range of sounds despiteContinue reading “October Audio Delves Into Complex Modulation With The MNTNS Phaser”

Silvertone Model 1478 Reissue Review and Demo

A reissue of the classic, small scale offset is finally out in the world, with vintage tremolo arm and all! Cost: $499.00 from Silvertoneclassic.com, Amazon.com, Reverb.com, or Sweetwater! Overview & Final Score: 7.3 out of 10 I have had my eye on these Silvertone reissues for years now, even though most people only become awareContinue reading “Silvertone Model 1478 Reissue Review and Demo”