October Audio Delves Into Complex Modulation With The MNTNS Phaser

Part phaser, part vibrato, part gain stage, the October Audio MNTNS does a bit of everything. You might remember October Audio from my review of their fantastic NVMBR Fuzz pedal back in 2021. That pedal was a mainstay in my rig for a long time, thanks to its versatility and wide range of sounds despiteContinue reading “October Audio Delves Into Complex Modulation With The MNTNS Phaser”

Are Any Of These New Maestro Pedals Worth Buying?

Maestro by Gibson unveiled a phaser, tremolo, envelope filter, boost, and compressor in late 2021. Want to grab some of these pedals? Use my Reverb.com and Sweetwater.com affiliate links to help me improve this website and my demos! So What’s Going On Here? Maestro, Gibson’s recently revived pedal branch, has unleashed 5 new effect pedals.Continue reading “Are Any Of These New Maestro Pedals Worth Buying?”

Thirty7fx Tombstone Treble Boost Review

I have never used a treble boost before, but now I want more of them. Overview & Cost: $135.00 USD from Thirty7fx.com or Reverb.com! (some affiliate links) As far as treble boost pedals go, I am pretty solidly an amateur. I have heard people rave about them as a gain stage or secret weapon forContinue reading “Thirty7fx Tombstone Treble Boost Review”

Shotmaker Instruments Heroine “Fuzz Driver” Review

There is a very good chance I just found the perfect drive pedal for my needs Overview & Cost: $180.00 from Shotmaker.co Equal parts fuzz, overdrive, distortion, and boost the Shotmaker Instruments Heroine is an ultra-flexible gain pedal meant for the modern guitarist. Now, that’s not to say that it doesn’t hold warm vintage tonesContinue reading “Shotmaker Instruments Heroine “Fuzz Driver” Review”