Guitar Review Three Piece: Quick Hits On Three Guitars

Short write ups of three guitars I had the chance to review this year for Ultimate-Guitar!

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Fender “Hitmaker” Stratocaster UG Review

This was a tough one to record while I was in between moving out of one house into another, but don’t let that distract you from how awesome this guitar was. I know people will argue it was overpriced or just a collector’s piece, but the neck and body on this Strat were unbelievably comfortable. This was truly one of the best paying experiences I’ve had with a guitar in a while. Pricey, self-indulgent, but a true player’s guitar that should be on stage every night This “Hitmaker” Stratocaster was truly a hit from Fender.

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Moon Guitars Moon Burn UG Review

Not to be outdone by the “Hitmaker”, Moon Guitars loaned me this absolute beast of a guitar, the Moon Burn. Part Explorer-Part RD-Part Firebird, I loved everything about this quirky but highly functional instrument. Beautiful sounding pickups (with coil splits) and superb feel, tuning stability, and action. Also, bonus points for a company who makes truly unique and innovative designs AND doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. I think this guitar sold for just over $2000? Absurd value that far outclasses a similarly priced Gibson.

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PRS S2 Standard 22UG Review

While the other two guitars were superb instruments who will be featured very high up during our end of year review, this PRS checks in as very good, but not necessarily spectacular. It’s a workhorse, perfect for the punk rock music I love to play and write, and checks all the major boxes for playability, sound, and feel. Was it a work of art akin to the last two? Nope, but it isn’t trying to be. It’s well under $2000, easily accessible through most retailers, and sounds really great with overdrive and distortion. Great alternative to a Les Paul/SG/similar style of guitar. More good work from PRS and maybe their best piece of punk-ish gear yet!

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