Keeping Track of 2022’s Reviews So Far

We are getting ready to re-launch the website with some new features and upgraded content quality, so in the meantime catch up on everything we did in the first half of 2022!

PedalEffect TypeUG ReviewGFI ReviewDemo
Boss RE-2 Space EchoDelayYesNoYes
Maestro FZ-M Fuzz ToneFuzzYesYesYes
Benson Amps Preamp PedalOverdriveYesYesYes
Summer School Electronics Snow Day DelayDelayYesNoYes
Summer School Electronics Bootster BoostBoostYesYesYes
Summer School Electronics Stone Thrower FuzzFuzzNoNoYes
Summer School Electronics Gladys OverdriveOverdriveYesYesYes
Walrus Audio Canvas StereoDI BoxYesNoYes
Fender Hammertone LineMiscYesNoYes
Boss CE-2w ModulationNoYesYes
Munnyman Pedals Panchito LM308DistortionNoYesYes
Caline DevilfishDelay/ModulationYesYesYes
Caline BrigadeOverdriveNoYesYes
Heather Brown Blessed MotherOverdriveYesNoYes
Heather Brown Sensation FuzzdriveFuzzYesNoYes
LPD Pedals FIFTY5OverdriveYesNoYes

GuitarUG ReviewGFI ReviewDemo
PRS SE Silver SkyYesYesYes
Latitude SE-1819YesYesYes
Moon Guitars Moon BurnYesNoYes
Gretsch Electromatic Jet G5230TYesYesYes
Fender “Hitmaker” StratocasterYesNoYes
GTRS S800YesComing SoonYes
PRS S2 Standard 22YesNoYes

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