2019 Electric Guitar Roundup: Ranking Every Electric We’ve Reviewed

It’s finally here, a complete ranking of everything we’ve been sent for review!

With the holidays just around the corner hopefully you’re getting a new guitar, or at least getting one for someone you care about. After the first full year of Guitars For Idiots, we’ve cycled through quite a few reviews. We’ve tried out big names like Fender or Yamaha, boutique offerings from CMG Guitars, and vintage reissues from Eastwood and Guild. Let’s take a look at the ratings, cost, and purchase options for each guitar!

If you need a refresher, here is how we rate and review guitars! New guitars will be added as they are reviewed before the end of 2019 so check back to see where they fit in!

The Rules: Only guitars that you can purchase new from the manufacturer or retailers are ranked here. Click on each guitar to get to the original review article. Also, any guitars reviewed starting Jan 1 2020 will be included in next years list.

And remember, each one of these reviews was hands on! Unlike a lot of sites who skim through other writer’s reviews and compile the scores, these are my scores after playing the guitars through my amp and pedals in my house.


Best Overall: Guild Jetstar in Seafoam Green Buy Here

Best $500 and Under Option: Chapman ML1 Modern V2 in Lunar Buy Here

Best $1000 and Over Option: Fender Ultra Stratocaster SSS in Red Plasma Burst Buy Here

Best Guitar to Use for a Mod Project: Squier Affinity Telecaster in Black Buy Here

Needs Most Improvement: Glarry GST3 in Blue Buy Here


ModelRatingCostFind Your Own
Guild Jetstar
9.7$599.00From Reverb.com
Fender Ultra Stratocaster
9.5$1999.99From Reverb.com
Chapman ML1 Modern V2
9.4$499.00From Reverb.com
CMG Guitars Ashlee
9.2$1149.99From CMGguitars.com
Yamaha Revstar RS420
9.2$499.99From Reverb.com
DeMont Guitars Goldfinch
8.9$999.00From DeMontGuitars.com
Aria Retro-1532
8.3$299.00From Reverb.com
Eastwood Sidejack Pro JM
8.2$1099.00From Reverb.com
Xaviere PRO845
8.1$229.00From GFS.com
Harley Benton DC-Junior
8.0$184.00From Reverb.com
Dean Modern 24
7.8$649.00From Reverb.com
Aria DM-01
7.1$329.00From Reverb.com
Epiphone SG Special
6.4$179.99From Reverb.com
Squier 2019 Affinity Telecaster
6.0$199.99From Reverb.com
Donner DST-100W
5.4$129.00From Amazon.com
Glarry GST3
3.9$56.99From Amazon.com
A graphic showing the ratings for each guitar versus the price of each guitar, there is a noticeably large clump in the $500-$1000 area that represent great value!

What other guitars do you want to see us review?

What was your favorite guitar we reviewed this year?

Disagree on a score? Let me know in the comments.


Published by Matt Dunn

Guitar and music journalist for Ultimate-Guitar.com and Guitarsforidiots.com as well as a contributor for Guitarniche.com and Stringjoy.com. Reach out to talk about guitars, commission a partscaster, or ask for a review.

4 thoughts on “2019 Electric Guitar Roundup: Ranking Every Electric We’ve Reviewed

  1. I am a huge fan of TV Jones pickups, especially the Classics. I am wondering how his guitars stack up? In particular, the Spectra Sonic Supreme. I would like to see if you could review that one.

    Thanks again!


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