releases new Xaviere PRO845 Thinline Teles


Well if you’re looking for a cheap Telecaster-style guitar, your day just got way more exciting!, or GFS as it is more well known, just added an exciting product to their Xaviere guitar line. Retailing at around $429, you can get these direct from GFS for only $229.

Check them out here on the GFS website!

These stunning thinline Teles come in 4 great finish options; surf green, sunburst, vintage cream, and gloss black. They come loaded with GFS Gold Foil humbucking pickups, which provide plenty of jangle and top end! I’ve written at length about these awesome GFS products for both Guitars For Idiots and and can’t say enough good things about them!

Other important specs to know include solid Alder bodies, and either Rosewood or Maple fingerboards, making these shockingly quality products for a fraction of the price you would expect!

Published by Matt Dunn

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3 thoughts on “ releases new Xaviere PRO845 Thinline Teles

  1. Fun, good sounding guitar but mine was a b*tch to intonate. Ended up having to replace the saddles with GraphTech barrels in order to get enough space to do so.

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