Punk Paradox: A Wordy, Worthy Read

Let’s do a book review instead of a guitar or pedal review, because this book is quite the read. You’re probably looking at this article and thinking, what the hell is this? This website is for guitar and guitar gear reviews, opinions, and rants. Well, it’s also a place for me to write about allContinue reading “Punk Paradox: A Wordy, Worthy Read”

Tone For Punk Brings Punk Distortion To The Masses With The Distort47

A longtime friend of mine is about to unveil a foundational punk distortion with elite features. Punk rock is not necessarily known for its love of effects pedals. However, one thing ever good punk rocker needs is serious distortion and punch. And when you can’t get that from cranking a Marshall or Mesa half stack,Continue reading “Tone For Punk Brings Punk Distortion To The Masses With The Distort47”

Top 10 Punk Guitarists

A very opinionated ranking by someone who has no business telling you what to think. I’m going to do something stupid and try to rank the top 10 guitarists in punk rock history. Here’s the thing, there is no right answer at all. Your top 10 and mine could be so different. There are alsoContinue reading “Top 10 Punk Guitarists”

The Problem With The Decline of Western Civilization III

The third film in the great Spheeris trilogy shows just how far punk fell from the heights of Decline I. Part III of the Decline series is arguably the most important of all the movies. Part II is no doubt entertaining, but has some questionable moments, and just kind of reinforces the ridiculousness of thatContinue reading “The Problem With The Decline of Western Civilization III”

Fender Player Series Mustang 90 Guitar Review

Surprisingly, this soapbar-loaded Mustang has completely filled the role of my Les Paul Junior and become a heavy favorite. Cost: $599.99, find out more on Fender.com Find your own using our Affiliate Links from Sweewater and Reverb.com, Check out my 60 Second Guitar Review for Ultimate-Guitar.com! A separate review for UG is coming soon! OverviewContinue reading “Fender Player Series Mustang 90 Guitar Review”