Fano Omnis Series JM6 Guitar Review

Will Fano’s affordable take on the Jazzmaster meet the lofty standard set by their Mustang-style from earlier this year? Cost: $849.00, find out more on! Get your own through one of our affiliate links, like, to support our reviews! Check out my 60 Second Guitar Review and full article for too! OverviewContinue reading “Fano Omnis Series JM6 Guitar Review”

Meet RWM Guitars: A Company Putting It’s Own Touch On Classic Designs

One of my favorite aspects about guitar reviews and journalism is discovering new guitar companies, luthiers, and designs. Randomly scrolling through Instagram brought me to RWM Guitars and they’ve been stuck in my mind ever since. RWM Guitars is the work of Ron Mason, a talented luthier who mainly focuses on putting his personal touchContinue reading “Meet RWM Guitars: A Company Putting It’s Own Touch On Classic Designs”