IK Multimedia X-VIBE Multi Modulation Pedal Review and Demo

A 16-in-one solution to all your modulation needs comes at a high price, but with ample room for customization and flexibility. Cost & Overview: $299.99 from Reverb.com, Amazon.com, or IKmultimedia.com! (some affiliate links) Announced during the relatively quiet Summer NAMM, IK Multimedia has firmly entered the pedal world after dipping their toes in a fewContinue reading “IK Multimedia X-VIBE Multi Modulation Pedal Review and Demo”

Electro Harmonix Eddy Chorus/Vibrato Review

The latest bucket bridge modulation from the legendary pedal makers reminds me of a Memory Man without the delay Overview & Cost: $99.00 from Sweetwater, ehx.com and Reverb.com! There’s arguably no better pedal in existence than the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, which is the modulated echo most famously used by The Edge of U2.Continue reading “Electro Harmonix Eddy Chorus/Vibrato Review”