Fender Ultra Stratocaster Review

Cost: $1999.99 new, find your own on Reverb.com Huge thanks to Heather from Fender for sending this over for review! Overview and Final Score: 9.5 Sound: 9.5 The addition of the S1 switch adds a ton of versatility to the Ultra Stratocaster, as it cuts some of the highs on the 1 and 2 positions.Continue reading “Fender Ultra Stratocaster Review”

Xaviere PRO845 Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $229.00 direct from Guitar Fetish or check out Reverb to find a new or used one! Overview and Final Score: 8.1 I’ve been singing the praises of GFS pickups for some time now, but I’ve never actually had the chance to try one of their Xaviere guitar products until now. The Pro845 immediately caughtContinue reading “Xaviere PRO845 Electric Guitar Review”

CMG Ashlee Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $1099.00 but price varies depending on specs of each Ashlee made, visit CMGguitars.com to find your own! Overview and Final Score: 9.25 The CMG Ashlee is probably the nicest guitar I’ve had sent to me to date, and I doubt it would disappoint any of you! The model I was sent has a fewContinue reading “CMG Ashlee Electric Guitar Review”

Aria Retro-1532 Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $299.00, new Huge thanks to Kazu and the Arai & Co company for sending this great guitar, it is one of the coolest ones I’ve ever reviewed! Check out my UG shot for a quick demo and thoughts! Overview and Final Score: 8.3 The Aria Retro-1532 is by far one of the most uniqueContinue reading “Aria Retro-1532 Electric Guitar Review”

Aria DM-01 Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $379.00 new Huge thanks to Kazu for sending me this awesome guitar! Visit Arai & Co for more info on the DM-01 Overview and Final Score: 7.1 The Aria DM-01 is a modern take on a classic vintage guitar style beloved by thousands. Based on the classic Mosrite body shape, Johnny Ramone and VenturesContinue reading “Aria DM-01 Electric Guitar Review”

Donner DST-100W Review

Cost: 129.00 new via Amazon.com or Donnerdeal.com! Generously gifted for review by the Donner Deal company! Overview and Final Score: 5.4 The Donner DST-100W is a surprisingly reliable and enjoyable take on the classic Strat design. Coming in at extremely budget friendly prices, the DST-100W is overall a fairly average guitar, with no frills orContinue reading “Donner DST-100W Review”

Dean Modern 24 Review

Cost: $649.00 new, check Reverb for even lower prices! Generously lent for review thanks to John from Armadillo Enterprises, Dean’s parent company! Overview and Final Score: 7.8 Dean’s Modern 24 is a mixed bag of luxury features and missing parts. While the tones you can get of the guitar are superb, and the playability isContinue reading “Dean Modern 24 Review”

Fender Classic Series ’70s Stratocaster

Cost: $849.99 new, but find it HERE on Reverb This stunning MIM-Strat belongs to my good friend Sam who left it at my house all weekend, thus making it reviewable. Overview and Final Score: 8.1 While we normally stick to new or best-selling instruments to review here at GFI, this guitar has a very robustContinue reading “Fender Classic Series ’70s Stratocaster”

Epiphone SG Special VE Review

Cost; $179.99 new, find yours on Amazon.com or Reverb.com! This lovely black SG Special belongs to my roommate and good friend Erik who kindly lent it for review. Overview and Final Score: 6.4 The Epiphone SG Special VE is the latest in a long line of high quality and affordable SG from the company. TheContinue reading “Epiphone SG Special VE Review”

Glarry GST3 Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $56.99 new from Glarrymusic.com or Amazon.com! Thanks to Glarry Music for sending this beautiful, affordable instrument over for review! Overview and Final Score: 3.9 Glarry Music’s GST3 is an affordable, Strat-style guitar meant to be an alternative to the thousands of Squier and Yamaha copies sold every year. While the guitar has an unbeatableContinue reading “Glarry GST3 Electric Guitar Review”