Remember That $60 Glarry? Let’s Make It More Fun…

It’s not magically a great guitar yet, but it’s certainly more fun to play and look at! I trashed on that cheap Glarry GST-3 pretty bad when I first reviewed it and the company was definitely not happy with me. When I took it apart for this project, I was even less impressed when IContinue reading “Remember That $60 Glarry? Let’s Make It More Fun…”

Grote GT-150 Tele Set-in Electric Guitar Review

A cheap Telecaster clone with some surprisingly nice features from the finish to the locking tuners. Cost: $149.00 from! Overview & Final Score: 6.5 Grote has quietly built up a bit of a following in the Amazon marketplace thanks to their constant release of dirt cheap guitars that don’t just follow the basic Strat/TeleContinue reading “Grote GT-150 Tele Set-in Electric Guitar Review”

Eastman SB59 Electric Guitar Review

We’re not playing authentic anymore… Cost: $1915.00, find one on! Thanks to Alex from Eastman Guitars for making this review possible! Overview & Final Score: 8.9 As someone who has never been a fan of traditional Gibson Les Pauls, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this Eastman SB59. This guitar is aContinue reading “Eastman SB59 Electric Guitar Review”

Schecter Ultra-III Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $699.00 from, click here to buy yours! Thank you to Adam from for making this review possible, I have been obsessed with trying out this guitar for months! Overview & Final Score: 9.4 There is quite a bit to break down when it comes to the Schecter Ultra-III thanks to its threeContinue reading “Schecter Ultra-III Electric Guitar Review”

JHS PG 14 Paul Gilbert Signature Distortion Pedal Review

Cost: $199.00 from, click here to get your own! How it Works & Final Score: 9.2 Not only the is JHS’s PG-14 a great looking pedal, but it’s also incredibly diverse and versatile. The PG-14 is designed around a FET based distortion engine. This engine used to provide a classic, pushed tube amp toneContinue reading “JHS PG 14 Paul Gilbert Signature Distortion Pedal Review”

Morifone Quarzo Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $3,999.00 new from Huge thanks to Ren, the creator of the Quarzo for lending me this top notch instrument for review! Overview & Final Score: 9.3 The Morifone Quarzo is one beast of a guitar and has quite a bit to unpack. Handmade in Canada from the finest tone woods, Morifone Guitars isContinue reading “Morifone Quarzo Electric Guitar Review”

Playing Authentic Just Got Harder Thanks To Eastman Guitars

One of my favorite parts of running this website is getting to highlight my favorite guitars or companies, especially ones I think you should know about. My love of classic Gibson models, and suspicion of the Gibson company, are two of the more talked about topics on this site. I love so many of theirContinue reading “Playing Authentic Just Got Harder Thanks To Eastman Guitars”

What Lies Ahead for GuitarsForIdiots In 2020

The first year of running this site went just about as well as I could have imagined. Honestly, it probably even exceeded expectations. In no way shape or form did I expect my guitar and music journalism career to take off to the point that Fender would be sending me their newest guitars to review.Continue reading “What Lies Ahead for GuitarsForIdiots In 2020”

NAMM 2020: Yvette Young & Ibanez Debut Her YY10 Signature Talman

A longtime underrated guitar model, the Ibanez Talman might be best known as The Offspring guitarist Noodles’ guitar of choice. However, tapping sensation Yvette Young may just be taking over the Talman world just yet. Her new signature model, coming in Slime Green Sparkle (wow), features three Seymour Duncan Five Two single coil pickups. WilkinsonContinue reading “NAMM 2020: Yvette Young & Ibanez Debut Her YY10 Signature Talman”