Pedals For A Cause: Electric Love Pedals Fund Breast Cancer Research

100% of proceeds from this pedal brand will go directly to help combat breast cancer.

When we talk about guitar pedals, and guitar gear in general, we’re often worked up in a frenzy of aggressive comments, stubborn opinions, and subjective views. All of those minor arguments of importance are dwarfed by the ever present importance of cancer, and in this case, specifically breast cancer. Well, Ben Carlin and his new brand, Electric Love Pedals are doing something about breast cancer.

Electric Love Pedals will be donating 100% of the profits from their sales to the Play For P.I.N.K foundation, which is dedicated to giving people with breast cancer longer lives and better life outcomes through fundraising for breast cancer research. This is a topic near and dear to Carlin’s heart, as his own wife was previously diagnosed.

These pedals don’t just do good for the world, but they also sound great, as my friend Ryan from Gear Fever recently showed.

The three pedals are a Triangle Big Muff-based fuzz, a Bluesbreaker-influenced overdrive, and a delay pedal inspired by the Puzzle Sounds Deep Blue. Grab them via Electric Love’s Reverb page ASAP as there are a limited number of these handbuilt effect pedals. And for the record, that is NOT a Reverb affiliate link, we’ll let all the potential income stay with Electric Love!

Now here are some great demos for you to enjoy!

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