Caline’s Got A New Line Of Pedals, Are They Worth Checking Out?

Caline is usually my go-to affordable pedal brand, will the new line keep that trend going?

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Caline has been making my favorite cheap pedals on the market for some time now. The Caline Lucky 7 is a staple of many of my rigs, demos, and original music. It’s cheap, has lasted for years, and has a huge variety of quirky sounds in it. While it may not nail all classic modulation, it’s like a lo-fi vibe machine. Then I fell in love with the Caline Brigade and Devilfish as well, with the Brigade really becoming a quick favorite OD of mine for a while. So when they let me know something new was around the corner, I was pretty pumped.

Enter the G Series, a huge lineup of new pedals in durable yet smaller enclosures. Not quite mini pedals, but definitely more board-friendly than your standard size enclosure, the G Series seems set to retail for around $50 USD.

I was able to check out two of them thanks to Caline, the Barn Owl Reverb and Chamecho Delay. The Barn Owl is a big, hulking ambient reverb, that borders on shimmer at times. The Chamecho is a standard analog delay, with warm repeats and some fun self oscillating madness too. The G Series so far seems to be a lineup of all ultra essential pedal styles.

Both the Barn Owl and Chamecho proved to be just that, providing really solid and high fidelity tones, even if they were not super versatile or novel in any way. You’re not getting these to replace an Astral Destiny or Boss Space Echo. But if you need a warm, classic analog delay on a budget, this pedal can absolutely go toe to toe with something like the MXR Carbon Copy. Likewise, the Barn Owl provides haunting, swelling reverb that fits in nicely alongside pedals twice or thrice the cost. They’re really good at doing a few specific things, and if that’s all you are looking for from pedals, there’s no need to shell out for boutique, trendy alternatives.

They also seem to be built like tanks, with a good weight to them and solid enclosure construction. These are well built cheap pedals that will take far more of a beating than the plastic-like Musiclily Analog Delay I tried.

For $50, these are great pedals for a beginner or a gigging musicians who needs to stick to a budget. They cover the basics, and they do it well, even if the cartoonish aesthetic is a bit immature for some tastes. Overall, Caline continues to impress me in the budget pedal realm, and the G Series looks no different.

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