New Guitar Roundup: What New Model Just Got Announced?

Credit: Guild, Dean, and Godin Guitars

Despite most of the world shutting down it seems many guitar makers are hell bent on continuing to release exciting new models, and I’m here for it. Let’s dig into a few new releases from the past few weeks that have caught my eye and should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking to pump some cash back into the economy!

Hit the headline for each guitar to learn more from the maker!

Guild Starfire I DC Pelham Blue

A new edition to Guild’s retro inspired Newark St. Collection, this stunning semi hollow checks in at a very budget friendly price of $599.00. Also available in Cherry Red, I think the Pelham Blue finish looks best, mixing classic Gibson aesthetics with plenty of vintage weirdness. Better yet it features Guild’s HB-2 humbuckers, the same that were in that amazing Guild Jetstar I reviewed and fell in love with last year. These toaster top looking pickups have a ton of top end sparkle that will definitely reverberate throughout that semi hollow body with plenty of warmth.

Godin Stadium HT

Check out this nuts new take on a Tele from Canada’s Godin Guitars. A classic Tele pickup and electronic configuration graces a small, almost Strat-Tele hybride shaped body. What really caught my eye was the Hard Rock Maple neck that just looks stunning. The string through body is made of super lightweight Canadian Laurentian Basswood and comes in finishes like Trans White (see above), Havana Brown, and Matte Black.

Dean NashVegas Select Series

New for 2020 from Dean comes their NashVegas Select take on the classic Tele design. Featuring a heavy dose of Dean individuality, this dual humbucking Tele features a Floyd Rose system, and updated wiring configuration. The volume and tone knob are located somewhat nearby where a normal Tele would be but the 3-way selector switch is located on the lower horn of the guitar. Some guitarists prefer that, but I usually like my controls as close the pickups as possible so I can mess with them while playing quicker. Two Seymour Duncan humbuckers grace the front, an APH1 Custom Zebra in the neck and a TB5 Custom Zebra in the bridge.

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