Fano Omnis MG6 Electric Guitar Review

A full scale, modern take on the Mustang body shape from Fano’s new affordable series.

Credit: Fano Guitars

Big shoutout to Chad from Fano for hooking this review up!

Cost: $849.00 new from Fano or find a dealer on!

Overview & Final Score: 8.9

At Winter NAMM 2020 Fano surprised and impressed many with the announcement of their new affordable line of guitars, the Omnis series. One of the most impressive of the bunch, the re-introduced MG6 is a full scale variant of the Mustang guitar design. This compact offset features an Alder body, Maple neck, and Pau Ferro fingerboard. Unlike most Mustangs, the MG6 is a full 25.5″ scale length electric with 22 medium-jumbo frets. The Early ’60s C-shaped neck also gives the guitar a surprisingly vintage feel despite a clean, somewhat modern look.

Two Fano designed P90’s grace the front of this beautiful guitar, held inside a black pickguard. A tune-o-matic bridge holds a whammy bar for extra tonal versatility. A three way selector switch is paired with a single volume and tone pot as well. Lastly, you get this beautiful, polyurethane finished guitar with a Fano gig bag!

Look at that gorgeous headstock!

Sound: 8.5

I was pretty stoked to pick this Omnis MG6 up, as I’m a huge P90 fan and a huge offset guitar fan. The P90s did not disappoint, providing a mid frequency-rich sound that has that vintage “honk” that I never got from my Gibson Les Paul Special. The neck and bridge are both fairly clear and punchy, despite having the ability to take up a huge amount of tonal space. I think this Omnis MG6 really shined when played without many effects on top. The clean tones and natural overdriven tube amp tones were enough for me, and gave this guitar kind of a vintage feel when playing Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, or even Bob Dylan cuts.

Of course, the P90s sounded great when fuzzed out using my BigMuff pedal. While they aren’t the most versatile, mainly because the spread of the tone knob makes them get muddy really quick, they absolute scratch that fuzzed out, garage rock P90 itch. The middle position had the articulation and percussive sound that make this an underrated funk guitar, almost an out of phase Strat-like tone. The things that the MG6 does do, it does extremely well. But you need to be looking for just P90 tones and not too much else to make this affordable Fano your go-to guitar.

Playability: 9

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the feel of the early ’60s C shaped neck. It really felt more Fender-ish than I was expecting, which is my personal preference. Players looking for a more modern feeling or playing guitar may be slightly disappointed, but that’s where my criticism ends. The fret work was impeccable, the tuning stability was superb, but I did not mess around with the whammy bar so I’m not sure how this could throw it out of tune quicker than normal.

But every other box is checked off by this Fano Omnis! While it isn’t necessarily a “cheap” guitar, it certainly has all that Fano quality, charm, and magic for a far more accessible price. The fretboard and neck are straight, the tuners seem super reliable, I’m very happy with this Omnis MG6!

Finish & Construction: 10

Definitely the highlight of this new Fano guitar. The finish is spotless, well polished, and seems very sturdy and chip resistant. This is an exactly electric guitar to gig or tour with, it just feels solid, sounds great, and isn’t too expensive to worry about needing a mortgage to replace. The fret ends were well filed, the hardware was all tightly and correctly installed. The action was great right out of the box and the strings don’t feel cheap either! Everything here is well built, well wired, and sturdy. It also doesn’t hurt that this white finish is beautiful with the shiny silver P90s and looks great on any wall or guitar rack.

Just swooning over this MG6 brb

Value: 8

While the Omnis series introduces the most affordable Fano guitars ever made, they still certainly aren’t budget instruments by any measure. This MG6 is certainly a great bargain for $850, considering you can get everything you want in a Fano for far less than a new Alt De Facto MG6. At the same time, this MG6 is likely a little too expensive to be an impulse buy for most players. But do I think you get great value for the price? Oh yeah, it’s hard to find a full scale length Mustang. It’s hard to find a cheap Fano. This fulfills both those needs without any disappointments. Is it the best dual P90 guitar out there? Ehh, it’s really good, but you can certainly plenty of good options below $850. So keep that in mind when shopping and if you’re looking for a Fano in 2020, the MG6 may be the guitar for you!

Good for: Indie Rock, Blues, Classic Rock, Funk, Offset Guitar Lovers, Players Who Couldn’t Afford A Fano

Instagram demo is up now with both clean and fuzz tones! Ultimate-Guitar review coming next week, stay tuned!

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