Glarry Music Releases GTL Tele-Style Guitar for under $80

If you need a cheap Tele for a build project or back up guitar, look no further!

While I haven’t always said nice things about Glarry guitars in terms of quality, you really can’t beat them in value. Guitars range from like $60-80 and they work, which for a lot of people makes the instrument way more accessible. Are they “good” guitars? Eh, not really, but they do work and do sound like an electric guitar which is really all you can ask for at that price.

However, now they are offering a Tele-style guitar for $79.99, which really caught my eye and intrigues me for two reasons: One, I want to get one and mod the hell out of it and two, I think the more cheap guitar options out there, the better! With four color options, this guitar should be on your must-try list if you have any upcoming Tele projects, need a backup instrument on the cheap, or just have $80 to blow! Links to website below and check out the Trogly’s Guitar Show demo!


Published by Matt Dunn

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