Check Out This New Andy Summers Signature Strat From Fender

credit: Fender

Combining Summers’ love for guitar playing and photography, Fender’s latest signature model is finished with a collection of monochrome photos taken by The Police guitarist himself. Built by Dennis Galuszka in the Fender Custom Shop, this Stratocaster’s two piece alder body has a NOS urethane coating over the images, and a maple neck and fretboard. Other highlights include a red camera dot on the 15th fret, Summer’s signature engraved on the neck plate, and a C-shaped neck based on the ’63 Strat design.

Not so good news, this guitar is going for $12,500. That’s insane, and even though I am a huge Summers (and The Police) fan, I think this guitar will end up being wall art on some guitar collector’s studio instead of in the hands of an avid player or fan. Still, it certainly caught my eye, and it is worth a quick look!

Published by Matt Dunn

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