A Detailed Look Into Inexpensive Instruments Used by the Pros

As much as you may convince yourself that it takes perfect skill matched with perfect gear to achieve professional level performance, that’s not the whole story. More often than not, the guitar heroes you idolize today practiced, played, or wrote their hits on cheap instruments. In fact, many of today’s modern musicians still rely onContinue reading “A Detailed Look Into Inexpensive Instruments Used by the Pros”

5 Reasons You Should Assemble a DIY Guitar Kit

As someone who always wanted to learn to build guitars, I naturally started by trying to assemble a kit. My first kit ever came from thefretwire.com, and was the ES-335/Trini Lopez model pictured in the About page. That guitar proved to be incredibly challenging and trying to wire a semi-hollow body guitar as my firstContinue reading “5 Reasons You Should Assemble a DIY Guitar Kit”

The Coolest Gear from SNAMM ’19

While I didn’t get to be there this year, I kept my out on every last piece of gear announced and marketed and collected a few of my favorites below. These are products I desperately want to get my hands on for reviews and personal use! Fender Announces Squier Starcaster A cult classic, the FenderContinue reading “The Coolest Gear from SNAMM ’19”

Never Get Rid of Your First Guitar

Guitar gear can be a tricky topic in the music world, some musicians have one guitar they’ve used their whole life, it’s comfortable, familiar, and it sounds like them. Some use a few, or as many as a dozen different guitars on one album or one tour. Even amateurs will often be loyal to theirContinue reading “Never Get Rid of Your First Guitar”

A Guitar Review Primer: How Scoring Works

The Scoring Scale Here are Guitars for Idiots, we use a simple 1 to 10 scale like most people do for rating the quality of each instrument, amplifier, or pedal. However, we try to bring everything back and frame it in comparison to a reference point, after all what’s a number mean if there isContinue reading “A Guitar Review Primer: How Scoring Works”

Fact or Fiction? The Future of Guitar Playing Will Look Different

For all the arguments about whether the guitar is dead or not, one topic people don’t often discuss is the death of analog gear and rigs, even among veteran musicians. Just like when Pro Tools was introduced to recording decades ago, we stand at a cross roads in guitar technology that has many people choosingContinue reading “Fact or Fiction? The Future of Guitar Playing Will Look Different”

10 Modern Bands That Prove Rock Isn’t Dead Yet

While many claim that guitars and rock music are dead, these 10 bands are fighting back and proving the naysayers wrong. If I had a dollar for every time I hear the phrases “rock is dead” or “the guitar is dead”, I could go out and finally buy my dream guitar (a 1976 Gibson ExplorerContinue reading “10 Modern Bands That Prove Rock Isn’t Dead Yet”

5 Popular Guitar Effects Pedals Briefly Explained

Ever since the advent of the acoustic guitar, players have sought ways to create new sounds and push the limits on what a single guitar can accomplish. Many guitar heroes from Robert Johnson to Eddy Van Halen have used incredible technical skill and years of practice to propel the guitar forward while some have usedContinue reading “5 Popular Guitar Effects Pedals Briefly Explained”

A Guide to Buying Electric Guitars Part I.

I’m going to start this with a disclaimer, I cannot tell you which guitars you should buy. I can’t tell you which one is best either. Guitars, like musicians, are a unique art form and each and every one is different. But in an online world dominated by guitar forums debating which Strat is betterContinue reading “A Guide to Buying Electric Guitars Part I.”