Yamaha FG3 Acoustic Guitar Review

Cost: $799.99, new Thanks to Stephanie from Yamaha for lending me this great acoustic! Shop for a good deal on one of your own on Reverb.com! Overview and Final Score: 8.5 One of Yamaha’s newest acoustic guitars, the FG3 is a mix of top tier features packaged together at a price more suitable for theContinue reading “Yamaha FG3 Acoustic Guitar Review”

Donner Upgraded Digital Wireless Guitar Transmitter-Receiver Review

Cost: $88.99, new from Amazon Thanks to the Donner Vine program, I was able to review this awesome wireless setup! How it Works & Final Score: 7.5 The Donner Wireless system is a straightforward and accessible way to make your live guitar or bass rig wireless. With about 200 feet of reported range, the farthestContinue reading “Donner Upgraded Digital Wireless Guitar Transmitter-Receiver Review”

Joyo Bantamp Firebrand Amp Head Review

Cost: $169.00, new Huge thanks to Ed from Osiamo for lending me the new Bantamp Firebrand to try out! Get one here! How it Works and Final Score: 7.7 The Firebrand is super simple and straightforward, making it an ideal option for players who need a practice amp or reliable live option for smaller venues.Continue reading “Joyo Bantamp Firebrand Amp Head Review”

I Tried Out One of 920D’s Pre-Wired Harnesses and My Guitar Sounds Great Now

After highlighting 920D as one of the 5 best aftermarket products for guitar modification, they kindly reached out to me and sent me this great pre-wired harness to test out in one of my Thinline builds! The Thinline is going to be used for a very interesting build and article soon, but in the meantimeContinue reading “I Tried Out One of 920D’s Pre-Wired Harnesses and My Guitar Sounds Great Now”

Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal Review

Cost: $99.00, new find your own on Reverb.com or Amazon.com! Huge thanks to Ed for making all these great Osiamo product reviews happen! How it Works and Final Score: 8.7 I have to start this review out by saying that this pedal should not sound different than the ODR-mini logically, but honestly, the ODR-1 soundsContinue reading “Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal Review”

Nobels ODR-mini Pedal Review

Cost: $79.00, new. Want your own? Check HERE for the best prices! Huge thanks to Ed from Osiamo for sending this for review! How it Works and Final Score: 7.7 The ODR-mini is the smaller, more pedal board friendly version of its big brother, the Nobels ODR-1. Capable of going from overdriven tube amp toContinue reading “Nobels ODR-mini Pedal Review”

Aria Retro-1532 Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $299.00, new Huge thanks to Kazu and the Arai & Co company for sending this great guitar, it is one of the coolest ones I’ve ever reviewed! Check out my UG shot for a quick demo and thoughts! Overview and Final Score: 8.3 The Aria Retro-1532 is by far one of the most uniqueContinue reading “Aria Retro-1532 Electric Guitar Review”

Aria DM-01 Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $379.00 new Huge thanks to Kazu for sending me this awesome guitar! Visit Arai & Co for more info on the DM-01 Overview and Final Score: 7.1 The Aria DM-01 is a modern take on a classic vintage guitar style beloved by thousands. Based on the classic Mosrite body shape, Johnny Ramone and VenturesContinue reading “Aria DM-01 Electric Guitar Review”

Glarry GP Electric Bass Review

Cost: $74.99, new from Amazon.com! Generously sent for review by the great support team at Glarry Music! Overview and Final Score: 4.3 The Glarry GP Electric Bass is their latest entry into their line of uber affordable electric guitars and basses. Coming in at around $75, the GP comes in 8 finish options, including thisContinue reading “Glarry GP Electric Bass Review”

Donner DST-100W Review

Cost: 129.00 new via Amazon.com! Generously gifted for review by the Donner Deal company! Overview and Final Score: 5.4 The Donner DST-100W is a surprisingly reliable and enjoyable take on the classic Strat design. Coming in at extremely budget friendly prices, the DST-100W is overall a fairly average guitar, with no frills or features thatContinue reading “Donner DST-100W Review”