Goldfinch Guitars Painted Lady Electric Guitar Review

An incredibly affordable, fun electric guitar that will get your attention and keep it once you see it.

JHS PG 14 Paul Gilbert Signature Distortion Pedal Review

Cost: $199.00 from, click here to get your own! How it Works & Final Score: 9.2 Not only the is JHS’s PG-14 a great looking pedal, but it’s also incredibly diverse and versatile. The PG-14 is designed around a FET based distortion engine. This engine used to provide a classic, pushed tube amp toneContinue reading “JHS PG 14 Paul Gilbert Signature Distortion Pedal Review”

Morifone Quarzo Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $3,999.00 new from Huge thanks to Ren, the creator of the Quarzo for lending me this top notch instrument for review! Overview & Final Score: 9.3 The Morifone Quarzo is one beast of a guitar and has quite a bit to unpack. Handmade in Canada from the finest tone woods, Morifone Guitars isContinue reading “Morifone Quarzo Electric Guitar Review”

Gretsch G5622T Electromatic Review

Cost: $799.99 new, or find a better deal on! Huge thanks to the whole Gretsch/Fender team for lending me this stunning semi-hollow! Overview & Final Score: 8.3 The Gretsch Electromatic Series gives players classic Gretsch sounds and shapes in a more affordable, imported design. The G5622T may just be the best of the wholeContinue reading “Gretsch G5622T Electromatic Review”

Harmony 8418 Combo Amp Review

Cost: $399.00 new from! Huge thanks to Ben from BandLab Technologies for loaning me this awesome combo amp! How it Works and Final Score: 8.5 Harmony’s recently released 8418 combo amp was one of my most anticipated amps of 2019. I’ve been dying to try it since I first saw it was available forContinue reading “Harmony 8418 Combo Amp Review”

Boss CH-1 Chorus Pedal Review

Cost: $119.99 new, or find one cheaper HERE from How it Works and Final Score: 8.5 The Boss CH-1 Super Chorus is one of the most popular and reliable guitar pedals on the market. Built incredibly tough and resilient, like many Boss foot pedals, the CH-1 features 4 controllable parameters. Effect level controls theContinue reading “Boss CH-1 Chorus Pedal Review”

Harley Benton DC – Junior Guitar Review

Cost: $184.00, from or find a used one on! Check out my official shot for UG for a short demo and overview! Overview and Final Score: 8.0 If you grew up a fan of The Clash like I did than a Les Paul Doublecut Junior with one dog ear P90 is like theContinue reading “Harley Benton DC – Junior Guitar Review”

2019 Electric Guitar Roundup: Ranking Every Electric We’ve Reviewed

With the holidays just around the corner hopefully you’re getting a new guitar, or at least getting one for someone you care about. After the first full year of Guitars For Idiots, we’ve cycled through quite a few reviews. We’ve tried out big names like Fender or Yamaha, boutique offerings from CMG Guitars, and vintageContinue reading “2019 Electric Guitar Roundup: Ranking Every Electric We’ve Reviewed”

DeMont Goldfinch Electric Guitar Review

Cost: $999.00 for this model, but check out options on their site or find one on! Overview and Final Score: 8.9 The DeMont Goldfinch caught my eye the minute it popped up on my screen. The distinctive finch pickguard, offset body, and gold foil pickups make it one of the most unique guitars I’veContinue reading “DeMont Goldfinch Electric Guitar Review”

Vox MV-50 AC 50-Watt Tube Head Review

Cost: $219.99, new but look for a deal on a new or used one on HERE. How it Works and Final Score: 7.8 The Vox MV50 is an interesting and unique take on the classic Vox AC30’s chime and jangle. The 50 watt head fits in the palm of your head, but provides maximumContinue reading “Vox MV-50 AC 50-Watt Tube Head Review”