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My name is Matt Dunn and since January 2019 I’ve been pursuing a career in music and guitar journalism. Starting with my first job at Ultimate-Guitar.com, where I still publish featured articles every Monday, I quickly expanded, and started publishing for Stringjoy.com and Guitarniche.com regularly too. Now, I’ve started this website to continue to publish reviews, articles, and opinions without having to worry about editors, deadlines, or content restrictions.

I pride myself on only publishing “hands on” reviews, that means that any guitar, bass, amp, or pedal that I talk about here is one that I have played, in my hands, in my house. While there are plenty of other great sites out there publishing well researched reviews, you can trust Guitars For Idiots to tell you the truth about real experiences!

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A recent Tele build done for a review and then gifted to my brother