Welcome to Guitarsforidiots.com! My name is Matt and in January of 2019 I set out to begin a career in guitar and music journalism when I began writing for Ultimate-Guitar.com. I still write there to this day, posting reviews and articles each week, while also developing this site for more in-depth hands on reviews, opinions, and DIY modding projects.

The first guitar I ever assembled, a Trini Lopez-style build from The Fretwire!

Each one of my reviews is hands on, which means I physically held and played the instrument, pedal, or amplifier through my rig. Unlike a lot of websites who just compile Amazon review comments and YouTube demos, each product is fully tested by me and rated by me. I accept no fees from companies for reviews, meaning each guitar you see here was either lent to me or gifted to me by a company to review and demo, which I think makes reviews less biased. That means I’m under no contractual or financial agreement to misrepresent any products here. If the gear sucks, I’ll tell you it sucks!

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I also work closely with the owner of Guitarniche.com, helping him put out great content!

As of Sept 2020, I will also be contributing informational articles to Gearank.com, so be sure to follow them for more of my work!

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