Hi all, my name is Matt Dunn and since 2019 I’ve been covering guitar gear and music for a variety of publications, in addition to running this website! My main work is as tech editor of Ultimate-Guitar.com, but I’ve also written for Guitarniche.com, Stringjoy.com, Gearank.com, Theguitarjunky.com, and a few others on occasion.

The first guitar I ever assembled, a Trini Lopez-style build from The Fretwire!

Each one of my reviews is hands on, which means I physically held and played the instrument, pedal, or amplifier through my rig. Unlike a lot of websites who just compile Amazon review comments and YouTube demos, each product is fully tested by me and rated by me. If the gear sucks, I’ll tell you it sucks. This also means that you’ll notice some of my videos are marked as “including paid promotion”, I do this to be transparent and show you when a company has allowed me to keep a piece of gear or paid me in return for doing a review or demo. I do charge a fee for my work now that the website has grown considerably, but it is an hourly fee for the time it takes to write an article/edit videos. My opinion cannot be purchased, or at least no company is willing to pay the millions it would take! If a video isn’t marked with that announcement, that means I returned the gear to the company right after or bought it with my own money.

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In the past, I have worked closely with the owner of Guitarniche.com to help him put out great content! For many months I also contributed informational articles to Gearank.com, so be sure to follow them for more of my work! I also previously wrote some awesome articles for Stringjoy.com’s blog from time to time as well! Check out all their amazing articles and even more amazing strings, which I use on my guitars.

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