What We Know About The Leaked Squier Paranormal Guitars

Squier’s pending additions to the Paranormal guitar lineup look like some of their best work yet.

The internet has been buzzing about these new guitars leaked from Fender/Squier. While there is no official word from anyone at Fender about these, it seems pretty obvious these are the next line of Paranormal guitars to be added to the Squier catalog.

Despite being relatively close with Fender myself, they have been silent, not even hinting that new releases of any kind are in the works. Usually they have given me some early warning via email, if not at least the chance to review stuff. So I’m eagerly awaiting more details, but here’s what we know so far.

Initial leaks seemed to suggest the prices of these new Squiers will be in the $450-$500 range. Yes, that’s a bit inflated, as Mexican Fender guitars used to cost that much, but I’m not too put off by the price.

Basically, Fender is taking their Mod Shop and bringing it to a far more affordable level. Want an offset 12 string? A Fender Les Paul Jr? A mashup of every Tele model ever made? All these options usually reserved for expensive custom shop builds can be had with good build quality for $500. That’s freaking awesome.

So let’s take a look at some of the models.

This one is my favorite, a classic F U to Gibson. I hope it will have a 24.75″ scale length, but I’m sure Fender won’t go that far. It is also available in the iconic TV Yellow Gibson color, with matching headstocks. God, I want this guitar bad.

12 string Jazzmaster? Can’t imagine how quickly these will sell. The JM/offset bodies are more popular than ever right now, and Fender has flirted with their XII resurgence as part of the Alternate Reality series. So pushing those two things together in one package is a majorly enticing option.

The Esquire Deluxe is another massively awesome guitar. Take the Esquire design, but add a wide range humbucker instead of the single coil. Plus you get the chicken head knob up on the top horn that will likely be the 3-way from the original Esquire design. The big F headstock is just a cherry on top. I don’t know what’s a better punk rock guitar, this or the Squier Les Paul Jr above.

This is just the Nashville Tele but in Strat format, but you know what, it’s still pretty freaking cool. I’m not sure this will be the most popular of the bunch because it has kind of been done before. However, people do love their Stratocasters, so if you never vibed with a Tele, this is a sick hybrid of the two designs.

Alright, this may be the one I’m most likely to buy. A Forest Green Rascal bass, with what looks like wide range bass pickups?? There’s no indication if it is short scale, but it looks short scale to me. I want it, and it looks like another garage rock masterpiece from the Fender brand. They are just so good at throwing designs at the wall and seeing what sticks. I love it.


Published by Matt Dunn

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