Fender Would Be Dominating Summer NAMM With 5 New Offsets

Wish we were seeing this at Summer NAMM but oh well, they are still sick!

Credit: Fender

Well it’s that time of the summer again, when new gear releases dominate the headlines. While those of us in the guitar world are surely sad that Summer NAMM was cancelled, let’s all stay home, wear our masks, and get through this. Despite the lack of NAMM action, Fender has dominated headlines with their new gear announcements. Not far after the hugely successful launch of the Paranormal Squiers, Fender is adding 5 new offsets to their Mexican-made Player’s Series.

My personal favorite, checking in at a budget friendly $599.99, is this Mustang 90 in this natural color. Apparently one of these is on the way to me and I couldn’t be more excited!

I mean look at that thing? The specs for this, as well as the more traditional Mustang, include a 24″ scale length, hardtail Strat bridge, and a C-shaped Maple neck. This MP-90 equipped version seems like the perfect punk rock guitar, while the single coil version should scratch your vintage Mustang itch if you watched Nirvana or The 1975 rock with one. Master tone and volume, 3-way selector switch, and killer colors make this a must-have guitar for me and likely, most Fender fans.

Credit: Fender

The Duo-Sonic also is making one hell of a return for summer 2020 with one especially killer finish. Check out this Desert Sand-finished single coil model with a gold pickguard. It shares pretty much the same specs with the Mustang besides different finish options, Duo-Sonic pickups, and some pickup arrangement options. For example, there is also an HS version with a humbucker in the bridge. The smaller profile, vintage headstock is also different from the FAT headstock on the Mustang, as well as some other cosmetic differences.

Credit: Fender

Bassists aren’t left out either with a brand new Mustang PJ bass that checks in around $650. Versatile pickups inside a smaller bass body? There is actually a huge market for that and this is a bass I would love to own as a guitar player. Another C-shaped Maple neck, a 30″ scale length, and both P and J bass pickup options with a 3-way selector (that’s a pretty cool feature to be honest) have really gotten my attention.

Credit: Fender

For more info on all these products, check out Fender.com!

Published by Matt Dunn

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