Schecter Guitar Research Unveils Trio Of New Models

The Tempest, PT Fastback, and Corsair 2020 are ready to hit the market!

Schecter Guitar Research announced three stunning new models to be added to their 2020 guitar lineup. Featuring the semi-hollow Corsair, the solid body Tempest, and my personal favorite, the PT Fastback, Schecter is not messing around. Let’s dig into some of the specifics of each model!

PT Fastback

No one loves a good Telecaster more than me, but once Schecter added in the Ultra’Tron humbuckers they really won me over. This model mixes classic Fender Deluxe Tele vibes with some premium features. X-Jumbo frets, body binding, and push-pull coil splits for each pickup give it a distinct modern flair. This Gold Top finish is just the icing on the cake. These will have an MSRP of around $869 and are on my must-try list.

Tempest Custom

This Tempest Custom screams high-class, offset Les Paul vibes to me. The pearloid slit crown inlays are gorgeous and separate 22 X-jumbo frets on the 3-piece Mahogany neck. Powered by Schecter’s USA-made Pasadena Plus pickups, push-pull pots allow for each humbucker to be coil split. Wrap that all up with stunning color options and locking tuners and you have a pretty lit guitar for the $1569 MSRP value.

Corsair 2020

Introduced to the line based on the success of their Corsair Custom model, the Corsair 2020 is a more affordable version that’s just as eye catching. Schecter’s Diamond Humbuckers are coil-split enabled using push-pull volume pots, and the tremolo arm adds a nice, vintage aesthetic as well as a useful tonal option. Grover rotomatic tuners, 3-way selector switch, and classic ES-inspired looks make this a pretty sweet semi-hollow that will have an MSRP of $1429.

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4 thoughts on “Schecter Guitar Research Unveils Trio Of New Models

  1. That PT Fastback looks amazing, but I am so skittish about guitars made overseas. I could spend the same money and get a PRS S2 Satin made in Maryland.

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    1. I have the overseas made Ultra III still that Schecter sent for review, and the feel of that guitar is on par with any American guitar, besides Custom Shop stuff


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