Gibson Launches Virtual Guitar Tech Service & I Got To Test It Out

Credit: Gibson

If you were worried about getting work done on your guitars while on lockdown, Gibson has got your back. For proud owners of Epiphone and Gibson guitars, the company has launched a 100% free Virtual Guitar Tech Service where you can sign up for specific times to meet one on one with a professional Gibson guitar tech.

Sign up on or!

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to try this awesome service out before it went live and I honestly loved it.

How It Works:

You schedule a first meeting, a virtual consultation essentially, where you’ll discuss what specific topics about your Gibson or Epiphone guitar/bass you want help with in a one-on-one setting with a pro guitar tech. These virtual guitar teches (VGT) can cover electric guitar and bass, acoustic guitar, and they even have a mandolin specialist!

During this first virtual meeting the VGT can also instruct you what specific tools you may need before your next session well you’ll learn to remedy the issue. Need strings? He or she can direct you towards the best options for your playing style! Tools like screw driver types, peg winder, socket wrenches, whatever it is they will guide you. It is important to note though that this free service is generally limited to the more simpler guitar techniques such as neck set up, string changes, guitar care, etc…You won’t be learning to solder in new pickups or set in a new neck on your LP through this program.

After this free 30-minute consultation video, you’ll schedule your free 60-minute meeting to actually address the tune up problems. The VGT will walk you through adjusting the action or changing strings, giving you the confidence and instruction you need to learn vital guitar tune up basics!

I had the pleasure of going over my heavily modified Gibson LP Special and giving it a set up alongside a Gibson VGT. Not only was Mark, the VGT I met with, incredibly helpful and detailed in going over the work but he was also just a wonderful guy! There is no doubt in my mind that this Gibson program will make it 100% easier for beginners to get the help they need with their guitars. More importantly, it may be the single best way to learn these simple guitar set up tricks without taking a luthier class in person! Expect a full detailed rundown of my experience to be up on shortly!

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