NAMM 2020: Fender Unveils Parallel Universe II, And It’s Weird

Credit: Fender

Fender got the official start of NAMM off to a great start with more Parallel Universe series instruments. Following up on the mixed response some of these guitars got last year, the Parallel Universe II series seems a bit more streamlined. Plus, it shows Fender branching outside their own design/company concepts in an exciting way!

Overall, 8 new guitars have been released to the word, some whackier than others. My favorite has got to be the two new Troublemaker instruments, the Deluxe and Deluxe Bigsby.

Credit: Fender

Inspired by the Telecaster’s arch rival, the Gibson Les Paul, this may be the most perfect marriage of these two instruments. Gibson is surely not too pleased to see this, but I love the idea of having some premium Gibson designs and sounds in a Fender package. 22 medium jumbo frets, Mahogany body, push-pull double tap pots and even block inlays. What’s not to like?

Credit: Fender

How about the same thing but with a Black Beauty twist and a Bigsby? Yeah, it’s pretty much a perfect guitar.

Credit: Fender

One of the weirdest, most striking guitars they just announced, meet the Maverick Dorado. Tim Shaw-designed Filter’tron pickups, a Bigsby, and straight up out-there looks abound. Hit up Fender’s website for even more about this new line and to see the other new models!

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3 thoughts on “NAMM 2020: Fender Unveils Parallel Universe II, And It’s Weird

  1. Interesting that they made the Troublemakers with the Fender scale. I am more of a 24.75″ guy, but I would love to try those out. They look fantastic!

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  2. I saw that the Maverick has a 24.75″ scale. I would jump on that, but I do not want to get a divorce. I am not sure I can sell getting a $2500 guitar to my wife.

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