Meet Goldfinch Guitars, A Vintage Inspired Company Making Modern Instruments

One of the best parts about being a guitar journalist is finding new, exciting brands and guitars to review and write about. Luckily, we’ll be getting one of these gorgeous Goldfinch guitars to review shortly. In the meantime, let’s take a look at this awesome company and their current offerings!

The Painted Lady

Featured in the cover image, the Painted Lady is one off kilter guitar that more people should know about. The offset guitar comes in a variety of sick colors and single pickup configurations. You can even get it as a 12 string! Better yet though, it is designed to be easy to modify and ambidextrous, as you can easily flip it over and have a lefty guitar. Need I say anymore?

The Noir

This guitar is weird looking, but that is what makes the Noir so appealing. It’s got that 3 humbucker design that is reminiscent of either of Gibson’s Black Beauty guitar or the Supro Tri Tone. It’s wonderfully weird, and feels like an American-made guitar despite its affordable price and overseas construction. It looks weird but is very well built, that’s a pretty cool match in my opinion.

The Kensington

Now the Kensignton is one of the coolest guitars I have seen in awhile. 3 P90s grace this monster, one of which is a dog ear. Plus it is semi-hollow, this thing just rocks. I can’t even imagine the wide variety of tones I could pull from this thing, and while we have some Goldfinch reviews in the pipeline, I hope this one will join soon as well. They also have a Kensington bass that is now available for pre-order, adding yet another awesome option to their growing line.

Why Goldfinch Guitars?

I’m sure you are thinking this is a sponsored post, but it isn’t. I receive no payment from any company, big or small. I just love highlighting gear that I love. These models are really out there, but at way more affordable prices than some of my favorite weird Eastwood models. They are cool, affordable, and generally well received. While my opinions could strengthen or worsen after I review them, this is a company that definitely deserves your attention.

Check out their website for more info!

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