Can We Build A Better Guitar Than Fender? Adding A Neck

Our guitar is coming together thanks to The Fretwire and Reverb!

While we’ve been fairly conservative with the body and hardware choices for our take on Fender’s ’72 Thinline Telecaster, it’s time to add a premium neck! With our budget of $600 in mind, I felt the neck is one of the most important items to splurge on, because feeling comfortable can make or break the guitar playing experience. Almost all the guitars that I own have Rosewood necks, which made me want to go with a nice Maple neck here, to change it up.

Thanks to, I was able to find an awesome Fender Tele neck and Fender tuners for just over $200 combined. This Fender Standard Telecaster neck came with 21 medium jumbo frets, a modern C shape, and smooth Satin finish on the back of the neck. The neck in total was $169.99 from an independent seller, while the tuners were $34.99 from a great shop called The STRATosphere.

So far, we’ve spent $190.00 on the body and $204.98 on the neck, with just the loaded pickguard to go. That’s at total of $394.98, leaving us just over $200 to add some premium pickups and wiring. Think we’ll end up with a comparable or even better guitar than Fender’s $1000+ Vintera model? I’m pretty confident we will and I’m already in love with how this neck feels. Stay tuned for the final installment, before we compare the two guitars side by side!

Searching through Reverb takes some time to find the right product and price, but is always worth it!

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