Can We Build A Better Guitar Than Fender? Intro Post

Fender’s Vintera ’70s Telecaster Thinline model that inspired this project.

This will be a quick post, as I just want to introduce the journey I’ll be setting out on and posting about over the next few weeks. My unlimited longing for a Thinline Tele paired with my very limited budget has me determined to assemble a guitar that will match or beat the quality of Fender’s latest Thinline Tele for hundreds of dollars less. Starting with the body, loaded pickguard, and neck, I’m going to show you all (and myself) the best and cheapest aftermarket parts you need to build the Thinline I’ve always wanted. Stayed tuned and keep checking in to see all the progress I’ll make each week in what should be a simple but really fun partscaster project!

The brand new Vintera ’70s Thinline costs $1049.99 out of the box from major retailers. I’m going to set a budget of $600, about half the cost and dig through Reverb, Google, and many other sources to piece together one hell of a guitar. First post on the body coming soon!

Published by Matt Dunn

Guitar and music journalist for and as well as a contributor for and Reach out to talk about guitars, commission a partscaster, or ask for a review.

2 thoughts on “Can We Build A Better Guitar Than Fender? Intro Post

  1. Okay, this is pretty exciting. I have been frustrated that Fender did not release a Thinline with a rosewood fretboard (I am a rosewood fretboard guy). I am looking forward to seeing if I can put together a decent version of this guitar with the features I want.


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