Ammoon Nano Chorus Pedal Review

One of the most underrated, affordable chorus pedals on the market.

Cost: $29.99 new but prices may vary on Reverb

Gifted to me by my brother and been on my board ever since.

How it Works & Final Score: 7.8

If you’re looking for a big sounding chorus pedal that won’t take up a lot of budget or pedalboard space, look no further! The Ammoon Chorus is a true bypass nano pedal with two modes: “Deep” and “Normal”. These two modes, controlled by a small switch, basically control the intensity of the modulation type.

Both these modes are further modified via the “level”, “depth”, and “rate” controls. “Level” is fairly straight forward, and controls the level of the modulated signal mixed over your original signal. “Depth” on this pedal essentially controls the number of signals that the pedal recreates and layers over your original, also controlling how thick or heavy the chorus effect is. Lastly, “rate”, controls the time of the delays that help thicken up that chorus sound.

Sound: 6.5

Don’t get me wrong, this chorus pedal sounds great and can get you all the famous chorus tones from EVH to Andy Summers, but it is just missing a few things. The “deep” mode is almost too modulated and can really only be used for intense atmospherics or shoe-gaze performances. While this isn’t a big deal, I felt it kind of neuters that whole feature for most players.

However, the “normal” mode is reliable and produces great sounds. One of the major criticisms that lost it some points was that the depth knob is just not capable of producing quite as rich tones as say the Boss CH-3 pedal, especially when it comes to the lower end of the control knob. Once you crank it, it really shines through however, and makes for some inspiring lead sounds. One interesting note: The “normal” mode sounds phenomenal with both the depth and rate cranked to create the sound I hoped the “deep” mode would with dense layers or rich modulation, fast delay, and a really thick sound.

Durability: 8

While it’s no Boss or MXR pedal with a rugged metal casing that could survive a nuclear blast, it has lasted several years on my board without any issues that couldn’t be fixed. After some heavy use, the washers on the in- and outputs came a bit loose but were easily tightened. While this isn’t a big deal, it still keeps it from a perfect score despite the aluminum alloy seeming pretty reliable. Plus, as a nano pedal, it’ll take up barely any space on your board and can be cheaply replaced.

Value: 9

Another piece of guitar gear that really shines in the value department, this is one of the best cheap pedals you can get. It will do 80% or more of what most chorus pedals do for a fraction of the price. I mean, it’s like $30 on Amazon, maybe cheaper elsewhere? If you have a budget to stick to, this has to outcompete $100 or even $50 chorus pedals, even if the sound isn’t totally there.

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